Sharing Economy boom

Sharing Economy boom

08 February 2016Jakub Przewozny

International corporations based on the idea of sharing economy are currently experiencing huge  success. Several examples of such businesses are Uber – a platform connecting drivers with passengers, Airbnb – a portal used for renting private apartments or the joint trip portal – BlaBlaCar.

Why are such websites increasingly popular? The idea of sharing an apartment from “a stranger” is completely different than the stereotype of an ignorant tourist who does not wish to integrate. This idea reflects the need of contemporary consumers to experience genuine local experience in a new place and feel like a local person there. Bookings through Airbnb is very easy because the website has an excellent mobile application, and renting an apartment with a high standard is often cheaper than a hostel. 40 million nights were booked through this website in 2014. This number rose to more than 80 million in 2015.

Suites are entering the mainstream very quickly. This is, certainly, a great threat for hotels in cities the offer of which is often quite standard and repetitive. The attempt to extend the guest’s experience by something more than only “bed and breakfast” is certainly a challenge for hotel managers.


 Jakub Przewoźny, Brand Manager 

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