About us

The premium booking platform for hotels & resorts

The award-winning Profitroom platform is more than just the highest converting booking engine on the market - it's a powerful marketing automation tool, advanced channel manager and website builder all in one. It’s easy to use across multiple properties and any team will love the intuitive interface, no matter their experience level.


Our story

It all started in the summer of 2008 when our Chairman, Marcin Dragan, encountered a genuine problem when trying to go on holiday to a seaside resort. The resorts simply didn't have the technology to allow him to book online last minute and demanded that he had to call, email or visit the reception desk in person instead! So he founded Profitroom on the spot and, 15 years later, we now have a team of over 200 across the world and have helped more than 3500 hotels and resorts supercharge their direct bookings and stand out online with style.