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Your hotel technology partner

As your perfect technical partner, we are helping hoteliers regain control of their business, reconnecting you to your guests.

Giving the power of reservations back to our hotel partners

The hospitality industry has seen more and more of it's margins eroded by the rise of online travel agents. Our mission is to return the power, and the profits, back to our hotel partners.

Profitroom Story

During the summer of 2009, our Chairman, Marcin Dragan, not wanting to be restricted to a package holiday, decided instead to explore many wonderful seaside resorts for himself. The problem he encountered, the resorts simply did not have the technology to allow him to book online last minute. He would instead need to call, email or take a chance and walk into the hotel reception itself! Driven by the disruption to his own holiday, he was determined to solve this problem for the industry and provide an affordable technology solution for every hotel. Roll forward 13 years, Marcin, alongside his founding members of the board and a team of over 200 across the world have helped more than 3500 hotels to take back control of their reservations and increase direct bookings.

Hotel technology experts

Our team pairs former hoteliers with technology experts, to create the perfect blend for your business.