Email marketing for hotels by Profitroom

Email Marketing for Hotels

Attract and retain your hotel guests effectively and effortlessly with our fully integrated Email Marketing platform. Our hotel email marketing automation tool covers the entire customer journey, from the first enquiry email to regular updates on the booking, allowing the guest to take control over any reservation modifications or selecting additional services. With fully automated seasonal campaigns, you will build brand loyalty and regain satisfied hotel guests.


Automate Emails for Seamless Communication

  • Automated communication with hotel guests - Set up automated emails, confirmation emails, and personalised messages to enhance your guests' experience while saving you time and effort. This is essential for an effective hotel email marketing strategy.
  • Triggered messages - Turn on specific triggers based on customer behaviour or actions and deliver personalised messages that engage and convert, improving your marketing efforts.
  • AI-powered email creation - Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create compelling and personalised emails in minutes, not hours, making your hotel email marketing efficient and effective.
  • Ready-to-use seasonal email marketing campaigns - Access a library of professionally crafted email campaigns tailored to specific seasons, holidays, or local events. Save time and resources, ensuring your email marketing for hotels is always timely and impactful.
Guest database - Profitroom CRM

Maximise Your Guest Database Potential

  • Automated database segmentation - Group your contacts based on specific criteria such as demographics, behaviour, or preferences, enabling targeted and personalised communication, essential for a successful hotel email marketing strategy.
  • Fully integrated with Profitroom Suite - Synchronise customer data from all your channels and minimise errors to provide smooth customer service. This integration is key to an efficient email marketing and building guests' loyalty.
  • Intuitive guest database management - Keep track of guest information, preferences, and booking history, enabling personalised communication and delivering exceptional guest experiences. This is crucial for your hotel email marketing campaigns.
  • Email capturing mechanisms - Capture valuable email addresses (including from OTAs) to expand your email subscriber base, grow your audience, and fuel your hotel email marketing campaigns.
  • GDPR & POPIA compliant - Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and adhere to world standards, safeguarding customer privacy and building trust with your audience. 

Profitroom Marketing Automation

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Success stories

The Robert Parker Collection boosts bookings

  • 20%
    Increase in direct bookings
  • 2200
    GDPR compliant prospective guest emails

How St Michael’s Resort is simplifying hotel reservations

  • 42%
    Bookings are packages

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

  • 99%
    Occupancy rate
  • 66%
    Bookings through the website
Dalhousie Castle
St. Michael's Resort
Port Lympne

Solutions Completing Marketing Automation

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