We want the same thing, right?

The ability to collaborate with like-minded peers and work towards the ultimate goal - happy hoteliers.

Partnering with Profitroom means sharing the narrative, building a connected community, increasing exposure (…and revenue!) worldwide and utilising the knowledge that comes from having one of the leading guest booking platforms in the industry.


Integration partnership

With hundreds of integration partners and counting you can seamlessly plug the Profitroom platform into all your favourite distribution channels and with any PMS.

But it doesn’t stop there... our Channel Manager has certified connections to all the major OTAs across the world and we’re also a qualified Google and Premier Partner and have dozens of other sales and marketing partnerships.


Commercial Partnerships

A commercial partnership with Profitroom means joining a network of like minded forward thinking partners through collaboration and thought leadership. Together we shape the future of hotel ecosystems with innovation, integration and automation with a best in class approach.

By partnering with us we can help and educate hotel partners and acquire new business together through our referral program.


Partner Referrals

A recommendation means a lot. If you know a potential integration or hotel partner that would be perfect for Profitroom to work with, let us know.

There’s even something in it for you too.