Profitroom Booking Engine 360 for Groups and MICE guests

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Unlocking Growth and Efficiency 

In the dynamic world of hotel management, catering to the diverse needs of group clients, wedding guests, and MICE delegates requires a strategic approach.

Hotels seeking to streamline their processes and enhance customer experience can turn to Profitroom Booking Engine 360, a powerful solution designed to facilitate seamless group bookings and special rate management.

This innovative system introduces key functionalities, namely Promo Codes offers and a user-friendly booking process, to empower hoteliers in optimising their group reservations.


Hotels typically extend special negotiated rates to wedding guests, group attendees, and participants of MICE events. Even when guests are individually responsible for booking and paying for their stays within these groups, they can conveniently make reservations through the hotel's website using the Profitroom Booking Engine 360. This eliminates the need for guests to call or email the hotel to access these exclusive rates.

How It Works

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Promo Codes Offers: Tailoring Special Offers with Precision

One standout feature of the Profitroom Booking Engine 360 is the Promo Code functionality. This tool allows hotels to create exclusive offers that are only accessible to guests with a designated code. Whether it's a special rate for a wedding party or a group discount for conference attendees, Promo Codes provide a targeted and controlled way to offer discounts.

Promo Offers

To ensure precise control, hotels can set allocation restrictions, specifying the maximum number of rooms available at the special rate. This feature enables hoteliers to manage inventory effectively and avoid overcommitting to discounted rates. Additionally, the system allows for the establishment of minimum length of stay (LOS) requirements and customisation of terms and conditions, giving hotels full control over the offer package.

Streamlined Booking Process for Group Guests

Profitroom's Booking Engine offers a seamless booking process tailored to the unique needs of group guests and conference delegates. By driving these clients to the hotel's direct channels, numerous benefits can be realised:

  • Database Growth: Direct bookings enable hotels to grow their customer database. This valuable data can be leveraged for targeted marketing, fostering loyalty and encouraging return visits.

  • Reduced Workload: Manual workload in the front office and reservation teams is significantly reduced as group guests and MICE delegates book directly through the user-friendly booking engine.

  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities: The online booking platform presents opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Guests can customize their stay, upgrading to higher room categories, adding extras, or extending their stay, leading to increased revenue.

  • Enhanced Payment Security: The booking engine ensures secure processing of guest data and card details, reducing the risk associated with manual processing by hotel teams.

  • Error Reduction: Guests have full control over their bookings, allowing them to make modifications in line with terms and conditions. This reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures accurate reservations.

  • Brand Elevation and Loyalty: Directing MICE and group guests to the hotel's website allows for a comprehensive showcase of the property's facilities. This enhances guest awareness, inspiring confidence and fostering loyalty.

In conclusion, the Profitroom Booking Engine 360 offers a comprehensive solution for hotels dealing with group reservations. The functionalities provided not only streamline the booking process but also contribute to data-driven marketing, operational efficiency, and overall brand elevation.

For any hotel seeking to transition group reservations from offline to online channels, Profitroom proves to be a game-changer, offering a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the booking process.

To explore additional options, kindly contact your Customer Success Manager. If you're considering a transition to Profitroom, we invite you to schedule a demonstration.