We Grow Together

By being the #PROteam, we are a credit to ourselves, but also to other people we work with - our colleagues at Profitroom and our partners. We know our skills and how to get the job done, but simultaneously we learn from mistakes and accept the responsibility.

Talent behind product - that’s who we are. No matter the area of expertise, we are all PROfessionals and we are accountable for our duties and work, and therefore for all of our successes. By being the PROteam, we are a credit to ourselves, but also to other people we work with - our colleagues at Profitroom and our partners. We know our skills and how to get the job done, but simultaneously we learn from mistakes and accept the responsibility. 

At the same time we are PROactive, always ready to reprioritize our work - we are able to adjust to the changes as our work evolves. We never stop searching for updates and new solutions. We always present a high level of expertise and efficiency, accepting our commitments to the position and the role assigned to us.

Our values



We are PROactive and PROfessional, taking ownership of our ambitious goals.



We grow when our clients grow; exchanging our knowledge and experiences makes us ready for future challenges.



We are on a bold mission, succeeding wherever our clients and team members are.



We engage ourselves and our partners in a positive change, choosing to do the right thing for the environment.



We provide top-notch SaaS technology to outstanding guests, worldwide.

How we work?

Meet our teams

Marcin Dragan
Chief Executive Officer
Krzysztof Grzęda
Chief Operating Officer

Leaders team

As leaders we want to make sure that we use our experience and knowledge to create a clear vision of Profitroom’s future and a space for all of our PROs to thrive.

At the same time we understand that whatever we achieve it’s a collective effort that counts, because it’s all about the right people. That’s why we always put people first, encouraging one another and cultivating mutual partnership.

Samantha Williams
Commercial Director
Jan Durčák
Czech Regional Director
Justyna Michalczyk
Chief Marketing Officer
Arkadiusz Czerwiński
Brand Strategy Director

Growth and Marketing

Growing, evolving, expanding, developing. We could use thousands of definitions, but the goal is always the same - to be better at supporting our clients, putting them in the center of our focus, working with them on a daily basis, because their success is our top priority.

We are constantly sharing the knowledge with our clients and building the awareness of high quality hoteltech services through our teams of sales and marketing experts.

Damian Józefowicz
Customer Success Operations Manager
Angelene Bungay
Pre Sales & Onboarding Director
Agnieszka Zimny
Customer Support Director
Edyta Walczak
Chief Customer Success Officer

Customer Success, Support & Onboarding

Our Customer Success and Onboarding teams work hand-in-hand with our hotel partners to ensure they are utilising all of our Profitroom solutions to their full potential. We pair award-winning hotel technology with a dedicated team of highly experienced hospitality experts who are a guiding hand through our industry-leading hotel technology. With access to powerful industry data, we can recommend best practices, identify strategic opportunities, and offer tailored advice to increase direct bookings.

Magda Gawron
Web Business Unit Manager
Waldemar Antonowicz
Chief Product Officer

Product & digital services development

As a company we’ve been providing software as a service and marketing services to hoteliers all over the world to improve their booking, performance and efficiency. How did we do it? Simply by putting the interest of our clients’ guests at the very heart of our complete set of unique solutions.

Maja Woszczyk
People Specialist
Szymon Kucharski
Head of Business Processes
Paweł Grześk
Chief Finance Officer

…and People for people

In order to provide best in-class products and services we need to be sure that we have top talent in our organisation. Collaborating with the area’s top experts be it HR, Finance or IT ensures that our full potential works in favour of our clients. Within the company we work together, we learn from one another, share our experiences and knowledge. We know when to lead and when to be a team player who listens to the people around them.

Follow us and feel our vibe