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Paradise in the Indian Ocean: How Profitroom helped The Zanzi Resort stay ahead of the curve

The Challenge

Draped across Zanzibar's pristine coastline are the 13 luxurious villas that make up the beautiful Zanzi Resort. Located just 15 kilometres from Stone Town, the resort is an oasis of luxury and tranquillity in one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations.

However, amidst all that beauty, some challenges existed. Cultural nuances and a scarcity of technical expertise have been some of the most significant hurdles that the Polish entrepreneurs behind Zanzi Resort faced. To help tackle these issues, the Zanzi Resort needed a partner that could help them innovate and improve. That’s where Profitroom stepped in.


The Solution

The Zanzi Resort has been in partnership with Profitroom since 2016. Since then, the implementation of Profitroom's groundbreaking reservation system has been hugely beneficial. It has streamlined the booking process, enhanced the resort’s online presence, and helped efficiently manage reservations. The partnership has played a crucial role in optimising the Zanzi Resort’s booking capabilities and providing a seamless experience for guests


The Results

Year on year, Zanzi Resort has witnessed a remarkable transformation:

  • Direct bookings increased by an average of 26%, reflecting the enhanced ease and efficiency of the booking process.

  • The value of direct bookings surged by an average of 47%, signalling a rise in guest engagement and satisfaction.

  • The number of room nights booked directly experienced a notable uptick of 29%, indicative of growing demand and confidence in the resort's offerings.

  • Direct booking share rose by an average of 12%, underlining Zanzi Resort's successful shift towards maximising direct revenue channels.

Aneli Gerber, Regional Customer Success Manager for Africa at Profitroom adds, “What an inspiring success story for the Zanzi Resort! It's truly remarkable to see how Profitroom's innovative solutions have not only addressed challenges but also propelled the resort to new heights of efficiency and guest satisfaction. The significant increases in direct bookings, engagement, and revenue underscore the tangible impact of this partnership. Kudos to the team at Zanzi Resort for their dedication in truly understanding the needs of their clients and leaving no stone unturned to ensure client satisfaction. It is evident that there is a direct correlation between their success and their clients` loyalty, not only for referral business but for active word of mouth promotion of the property and island."

Zanzi Resort's success story isn't just about numbers. Through perseverance and partnership, the resort has not only overcome challenges but thrived. Thanks to their work with Profitroom, The Zanzi Resort has been able to stand out in a highly competitive market and deliver unrivalled experiences.

Ewelina Maison, Sales Manager at Zanzi Resort concludes, “Being able to work with partners like Profitroom has allowed us to focus on what we do best, which is helping guests make memories and giving them an escape. We could not have asked for a better partner and look forward to continuing our journey with Profitroom."

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