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Boost Your Brand Online

Get more online visibility and drive valuable traffic to your website to boost direct bookings. Inspire your future guests with organic and paid campaigns in search engines (SEM) and social media. Stand out among competitors and build a strong brand to attract guests who will choose your hotel. Widen your reach and grow with the help of digital marketing experts specializing in the hotel industry.

Grow your online reach and revenue

Portfolio of Digital Marketing Services


Google Ads

Grow your reach with search and display campaigns


Take control of your ads and reach on comparison sites


Increase website traffic and stand out in search engines

Dynamic Remarketing

Display ads tailored to individual users

Google Hotel Ads

Display real-time rates and availability on the Google search results page and maps

Performance Max for Travel Goals

Reach more leisure travelers across multiple Google channels

Certified Google Partner

We're recognized by Google as a company that maximizes campaign success for our clients, driving client growth.


Focus on Conversions

  • Start with an analysis - After a thorough initial analysis, we advise the best strategies and channels for your hotel brand to drive the most traffic with a potential for conversions.
  • Target precisely - Select the most appropriate online marketing channels for your property and location.
  • Control your budget - Focus on digital marketing campaigns that drive the most revenue.
  • Check and improve - With detailed reports, you can always adjust the tactics of your campaigns to current needs.
Maximize Impact-3

Maximize Impact

  • Tailor-made offers - Each hotel is unique and targets specific guests, therefore needs a specific set of digital campaigns. We will advise you on what will work for you, be it SEO, Google Ads, (search or display campaigns), social media marketing (including Facebook), or metasearch.
  • Seasonal campaigns - Make the most out of special occasions, holidays and seasonal traffic to keep your property busy all year long.
  • Intelligent advertising - Use Performance Max for Travel Goals and Google Hotel Ads to target those lookers who are close to making a decision and turn them into bookers.
Keep Your Brand Strong

Keep Your Brand Strong

  • Protect your brand online - With specific campaigns focusing on brand protection, you can rest assured your competitors will not take over your guests.
  • Omni-channel - Engage with your guests in a variety of channels to keep reminding them about your offers.
  • Remarketing - Whether you need dynamic or static remarketing on social media or in Google, we've got you covered, so you can reach your visitors again and again, and strengthen the connection.

Success stories

How Lapland’s Apukka Resort enhanced direct customer experience whilst boosting ADR and booking value in the process

  • 30%
    increase in direct bookings
  • 42%
    average booking value compared to OTAs

Heywood Spa Hotel: Boosting direct online revenue at super speed

  • 128%
    increase in direct booking share
  • 34%
    growth in package sales

A view from the ocean: Profitroom strikes again!

  • 150%
    increase in Online Booking Engine revenue
  • 183%
    increase in online bookings
Apukka slim
Heywood 2 2400
OVH Image 1

Solutions Completing Digital Marketing Services

Recommended Complementary Products

Our highly effective Digital Marketing Services are completed with a portfolio of products designed to support the guest and the hotelier throughout the entire guest journey. We offer highly converting websites seamlessly integrated with a powerful booking engine, a channel manager and reception engine, stay personalization mechanisms, as well as automated messaging mechanisms. Check our other products and don't miss the opportunity to use the full potential of the Profitroom Suite.