We want to share our hospitality

Profitroom is a socially responsible company. 

We understand that we have obligations not only towards our clients but also to the society and environment.

Sharing our hospitality is one of Profitroom’s core values and hence it supports our company’s vision and shapes our culture.

We plant trees

To offset the carbon footprint we have already planted:


trees and we are not stoping there!

We plant trees

#ShareHospitality initiative is about:


Engaging our team and partners in a positive change


Choosing to do the right thing for the environment


Having a constructive impact on the world

Grupa przycinania

The idea

Why are we planting trees?

One tree produces as much oxygen a year as a person consumes in 2 years
A tree cools as much air throughout the year as 5 air conditioners
A 25-meter tree absorbs as much CO2 as is produced daily by two single-family homes
Each hectare of forest absorbs around 200 tons of carbon dioxide annually. This is roughly as much as a car produces after driving 100,000 km

The action

How does it work?

Twice a year - both in summer and autumn we do the math and get our hands dirty. 

Planting trees is not easy, but the satisfaction is to die for!

…but how do we know how many trees we should plant, you might ask. Well, it all depends…


The number of trees we plant is directly connected to the number of direct bookings in our Partners Booking Engine service. 10 reservations = 1 tree planted.


We also welcome every new member to our team with their own tree! So far we have 225 of them but since there are new people joining our team every two weeks we keep planting those trees.


And what about our lovely clients? We also acknowledge each and every one of them with a tree - depending on the part of the world we aim at planting new trees in different countries around the world.

June 2022

We have already planted 225 trees in Poland 🇵🇱 with - one per each of our team members.

June - August 2022

Profitroom together with Plant-for-the-Planet went global by planting 970 trees in Mexico, Nigeria and Philippines - countries where Profitroom's outstanding clients are located.

August 2022

#ShareHospitality supported the fire-ravaged Bohemian Switzerland Forests with 241 trees planted in Czechia.

September 2022

Profitroom and are at it again! In September 2022 we planted another 125 trees in Poland to make it a total 350.


Our Partners


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How hotels and guests can get involved?

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