Websites Designed for Hotels

Profitroom’s award-winning, conversion-led and easy-to-navigate websites offer a unique guest booking journey to boost direct bookings. Fully responsive, equipped with smart features and integrated with the Booking Engine 360, these websites are designed to increase conversions and booking value, while satisfying modern guests' expectations. 

Profitroom Webiste - Northern Lights Village


  • Fully integrated with the Profitroom Booking Engine - Always updated offers, prices and availability - any changes made are automatically updated on your website.
  • Intuitive real-time content editing - Manage website content with a simple CMS directly from Profitroom Suite to keep all information fresh.
  • Support for a variety of media - Use videos and photo galleries to show how beautiful your hotel is and attract even more visitors.
  • Support of a bespoke Project Manager - To advise on the best practices to attract more viewers and turn lookers into bookers.
Profitroom website for The Cornwall Hotel


  • 100% conversion-led - For a smooth guest journey and to boost your direct bookings.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design - For modern guests who are always on the go.
  • Seamless booking experience - Including CTA buttons on each offer, room and extra, to maximize conversion rates.
  • Clear, conversion-focused analytics - So that you can base your decisions on data.
  • Secure - GDPR and POPIA compliant for your guests' security
Profitroom Website for The Charm Hotel

Express Websites - for a Quick Go Live

  • Website built and ready to go live in less than a month - Ready-to-use modules (including a booking section, photo gallery or videos) allow us for a quick delivery of an excellent website.
  • Fully customizable to highlight your brand and your offer - Show your key assets: a unique restaurant, luxurious spa, elegant hotel rooms - we've got modules to cover all your needs.
  • Tried-and-tested design templates - Beautiful and easy to navigate website is the first step to a delightful guest journey.
  • Easy & cost-free content updates - Website content can be updated any time directly through the Profitroom Suite.
Profitroom Websites for 5 Elementos Hotel

Business Class Websites - to Show a Wide Offer

  • Custom website - A bespoke website created for unforgettable experiences.
  • Client-centric - Built from scratch based on the client's needs to highlight the hotel's characteristics and offer.
  • Unique graphic design based on best UX solutions - Your website will be as unique as your hotel, to make sure guests will remember it. Include a gallery, hand-drawn maps, or beautiful videos to delight your website visitors.
  • Guaranteed delivery time: 3 months  - Thanks to a well-planned schedule and the focus of a dedicated Project Team. 
Port Lympne

VIP Concierge Websites - for Exceptional Experiences

  • Fully personalized website - The highest standard of websites designed expecially for customers looking for the best solutions tailored to their needs. 
  • For demanding customers - Built from scratch to convert the guests you are targetting. 
  • Advanced, unique graphic design - A website as extraordinary as your hotel. Include bespoke graphic elements, hand-drawn maps, 3D views and more to delight your visitors. 
  • Dedicated project team  - Focus on your goals from the start, including workshops to understand your needs and requirements even better. 
Profitroom Webiste for Gooderson Leisure Hotel Group

Multisite - For Hotel Groups

  • One website, many booking engines - Show all your properties under one domain and allow connection with several booking engines, so that your guests can easily book directly their preferred location.
  • Common landing page - Keep your brand consistent and strong under one, powerful landing page. Then, feel free to showcase sub-pages for each of the properties to show their unique offers.
  • Separate offers - Each of your properties can have its own listing of offers and rooms, so the guests can see as much detail as they need to make the best choice.
  • Multiproperty availability assistant - Suggest free rooms in another location if a room selected by the guest is unavailable in the one they picked first.
  • Freedom of choice - One content manager for all properties or separate systems for each location - pick the solution which will best assist you in keeping the content on the website up to date.

Success stories

How Lapland’s Apukka Resort enhanced direct customer experience whilst boosting ADR and booking value in the process

  • 30%
    increase in direct bookings
  • 42%
    average booking value compared to OTAs

Heywood Spa Hotel: Boosting direct online revenue at super speed

  • 128%
    increase in direct booking share
  • 34%
    growth in package sales

A view from the ocean: Profitroom strikes again!

  • 150%
    increase in Online Booking Engine revenue
  • 183%
    increase in online bookings
Apukka slim
Heywood 2 2400
OVH Image 1

Solutions Completing Websites

Recommended Complementary Products

Our high converting websites are completed with a portfolio of products designed to support the guest and the hotelier throughout the entire guest journey. We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and services, a powerful booking engine, a channel manager and reception engine, stay personalization mechanisms, as well as automated messaging mechanisms. Check our other products and don't miss the opportunity to use the full potential of the Profitroom Suite.