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Websites for Hotels

Increase the number and value of direct bookings with a beautifully and expertly designed website. Hotel websites offered by Profitroom are built to enhance guests' experience and the reservation process. Full integration with Profitroom Booking Engine 360 guarantees always up-to-date information and prices, while our innovative CMS allows for quick content editing. Maximize your hotel's online presence and increase revenue by turning visitors into bookers.

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Turn Lookers into Bookers

  • A modern and clear hotel website integrated with Profitroom Booking Engine 360 

  • Automatically adapts to mobile devices

  • Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface lead visitors to online bookings

  • Easy to use and edit

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Makes Booking Easier

  • Seamless booking process — Clear CTA buttons on every offer, room, and extras to maximize the chances of direct booking.

  • Always up-to-date offers, prices, and availability — Thanks to full integration with Profitroom Booking Engine 360, any changes made in the reservation system are automatically updated on your website.

  • Mobile-friendly — Responsive design makes it easy for visitors to navigate and book their stay on mobile phones and tablets.

Award-winning website designs

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Perfect First Impression

  • Ready-made templates or custom designs — We offer websites suitable for any hotel, utilizing the best UX solutions in the industry and years of experience.

  • Use of modern media — Photo galleries, short videos, or hand-drawn maps make your website look beautiful while helping potential guests envision their stay at your hotel.

  • Clear modules showcasing the hotel's extensive offerings, allowing potential guests to better plan their stay and increasing your hotel's chances of selling additional services. 


Modules are specially designed elements of hotel websites that allow you to showcase your SPA treatments, restaurant menu, highlight your strengths in a photo gallery, and build visitor trust by presenting guest reviews. The 'conference rooms' module will perfectly meet the needs of business guests, showcasing even the room equipment and chair arrangements.

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Change for The Best

  • Trust the experts — Throughout the entire process of building your new website, we offer support from a dedicated Project Manager who will advise on best practices and content optimization to ensure your new website attracts as many guests as possible.

  • Update your offerings — Quickly and efficiently edit content using our intuitive CMS available directly from Profitroom Suite. Show guests that your hotel is vibrant and offers seasonal attractions.

  • Utilize new technologies — We create websites based on the latest technologies and trends to continually enhance their potential and optimize the guest journey to direct booking, thereby increasing hotel revenues.

Multisite — website for hotel groups

  • One site, many booking engines— Show all your properties under one domain and connect multiple booking engines, allowing your guests to easily make reservations at their preferred location.
  • Strong brand — Maintain consistency and strength of your brand by presenting it on a single website, and then utilize subpages to showcase the unique offerings of each property.
  • Freedom of choice — One content management system (CMS) for all properties or separate systems for each location — choose the solution that is most convenient for you when updating content on your website.
  • Separate offers — Each of your properties can have its own list of offers and rooms, allowing guests to see as many details as they need to make the best choice.

Packages of Websites on our offer

For whom?

Delivery time

Website design

One of the predefined templates

Graphic design based on proven UX solutions with implementation

Graphic design tailored to the individual needs of the client

Selection of fonts and colours

Interactive map of the property

(Priced individually)

3D conference rooms

(Priced individually, depending on the number of conference rooms)



Project guidelines collection method

Cuayan Express Website

'Express' Package

Guarantee of quick implementation

Small properties without an extensive range of additional services

One month

Project Manager


Business Class (1)

'Business Class' Package

Show your unique offer

Medium and large properties with an extensive range of additional services

3 months

Project Manager + project team

Online meeting

VIP (1)

'VIP Concierge' Package

Unforgettable experiences

Large properties and hotel chains with an extensive range of additional services


Project Manager + project team

Creative workshop

Templates - 'Express' Package

Designing websites doesn't have to be time-consuming! Save time with ready-made website templates created for hotels with the purpose of increasing direct bookings. We offer proven templates that you can easily customize to your needs by changing colors and fonts, and adding your own photos and content. They simplify and speed up the website creation process while providing a professional look and functionality.

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Success stories

How to turn clicks into coins: The power of modern websites in hospitality

  • 41%
    Increase in Direct Bookings
  • 84%
    Increase in the Value of Direct Bookings

Glasgow Grosvenor: From big brand to independence whilst increasing online revenue

Paradise in the Indian Ocean: How Profitroom helped The Zanzi Resort stay ahead of the curve

  • 26%
    Increase in Direct Bookings
  • 47%
    Increase in the value of direct bookings

Three Mile Beach: Blending the art of doing nothing and doing everything

  • 95%
    of bookings made direct
  • 153%
    Year on year growth
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Three Mile Beach