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It's all about omni-channel distribution now

Our intuitive interface enables efficient management of cross-channel online sales and includes unique tools like flexible occupancy rate management and allows for bulk updates of prices and restrictions.

Favourite features

Say goodbye to missing out on potential guests or lost revenue.


Connect to any channel

Hundreds of free & easy integrations in real-time

Flexible rate management

Configure any pricing from child rates to pricing by occupancy

Omni-channel support

Easily set up hotel groups and multi-properties

Choose your PMS

Whatever system you use we’ve got you covered


Save time & connect to OTAs on your own


Integrations should be free and easy and with hundreds of partners you can now give every guest a seamless experience from the first click. Plug into all your favourite distribution channels and with any PMS. From all the major OTAs across the world to GDSs and wholesalers, we’ve got you covered.