Channel Manager

Omnichannel Distribution for Higher Revenues

Manage all online sales of your hotel and eliminate overbookings with Profitroom’s Channel Manager. Take control of all your OTA Channels from one single place. Increase global visibility and brand recognition and boost occupancy and revenue. Use omnichannel to drive traffic to your website - and unlock more direct bookings.

Restrictions in the Profitroom Channel Manager

Relieve the Reception

  • Bulk update availability and prices - Manage complex rates and availability with one click, avoiding errors and misinformation.
  • Flexible rate management - Configure pricing easily, from child rates to pricing by occupancy.
  • Self-mapping service - Automated mapping processes saving you time for other important hotel operations.
  • Restrictions - Implement rules to sharpen your offers. Use Restrictions such as ‘minimum length of stay’ or ‘maximum length of stay’ to maximize revenue.
  • Direct Only feature - Easily redirect all your sales to the direct channel. Reduce the cost of third-party vendors and build better relationships with your quests.
Profitroom Channel Manager

Show Globally, Earn Locally

  • Integrate easily with hotel PMS systems - Whatever system you're using, we've got you covered.
  • Plug into OTAs, GDSs and wholesalers - Integrate with popular marketplaces and distribution systems, managing bookings and prices in one place.
  • Utilize the full potential of your omnichannel strategy - Spread your brand recognition through popular channels and drive traffic to your website to elevate your direct bookings.
  • Easily set up hotel groups and multi-properties - Bulk updating prices, availability and channel management for groups and multi-properties.

Success stories

How Lapland’s Apukka Resort enhanced direct customer experience whilst boosting ADR and booking value in the process

  • 30%
    increase in direct bookings
  • 42%
    average booking value compared to OTAs

Heywood Spa Hotel: Boosting direct online revenue at super speed

  • 128%
    increase in direct booking share
  • 34%
    growth in package sales

A view from the ocean: Profitroom strikes again!

  • 150%
    increase in Online Booking Engine revenue
  • 183%
    increase in online bookings
Apukka slim
Heywood 2 2400
OVH Image 1

Solutions Completing Marketing Automation

Recommended Complementary Products

Our powerful Channel Manager is completed with a portfolio of products designed to support the guest and the hotelier throughout the entire guest journey. We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and services, a highly converting Booking Engine, stay personalization mechanisms, as well as automated messaging mechanisms. Check our other products and don't miss the opportunity to use the full potential of the Profitroom Suite.