Profitroom as the Premier Google Partner

Profitroom as the Premier Google Partner

17 August 2016Karolina Antonowicz

Once again the best marketing agencies have been awarded by Google with the prestigious certificates of the Premier Google Partner. Amongst the recognized companies, there is also one working exclusively for the hotel industry – Profitroom.

What does our Premier Partner certificate mean for the Hoteliers?

First and foremost, choosing of a professional partner for the AdWords campaigns and verifying of the agencies they work with shall be much easier now. Hotels will have a chance to check whether these companies are trustworthy ones, fulfilling the highest standards of Google.

Previously Google used to run two simultaneous categorization programmes of the AdWords agencies. Yet, now they have decided to combine the statuses of “Google Partner” and “Authorized Partner of SMB AdWords” (Small and Medium Business) into one title. This June has brought a vital change for these agencies, as they have all been included in the Google Partner programme, and their quality has been classified by the standard status of the Google Partner or the prestigious certificate Premier Google Partner. The first group includes those agencies already known on the market, having at least one certified specialist of the online advertising and being successful in the campaigns they run. 

How did we achieve the status of Premier Partner?  

We have been cooperating with Google for years now and possess the title of Partner already. However, as a company co-working with the best hotel brands in general, we constantly endeavour to offer them top quality solutions and services. Thus, after many years of active and successful AdWords cooperation with hotels, reasonable budget investing and reaching for various advertisement forms, we have finally become the proud holders of Premier status. Profitroom is actually one of few partners specializing in the hotel industry – which makes the title even more prestigious. Thereby, our company can offer hoteliers splendid results of the campaigns we run for them, always making sure the budget is spent on effective and fruit-giving actions. Services of certified specialists who keep on gaining additional qualifications, as well the access to financial bonuses from Google – that’s what our customers are provided with and what makes us the top partner for the hotel industry, indeed. 

“Achieving and keeping the status of the Premier Google Partner holds a huge importance for us, since it brings great advantages for our customers, too. We are one of the few supported by Google to that extent. We receive trainings, support during the procedure scheduling and much more to make the hotel campaigns as effective as they may be the most” – says Marcin Dragan, Managing Director at Profitroom.

“Simply more bookings” calls the shots

Cooperating with the Google experts even closer means a chance of the maximal conversion for our partner hotels, that is, more bookings made after having seen ads in the searching engine or the advertisement network of Google. Yet, apart from these obvious advantages, also other goals do matter here as for instance gaining customers interested in conferences or SPA services. And that’s how the image of a strong hotel brand is born. Additional support and external know-how provided by Google make our specialization become a true passion beyond all. 

Prestigious title being a challenge, indeed  

Being the Premier Partner stands for a big, yet immensely interesting challenge for the whole team of the Customer Success, responsible for the marketing campaigns at Profitroom.  Obviously, we always need to fulfil the requirements set by our hotels, and these happen to be very ambitious, indeed. Many agencies think campaigns for the tourism branch too troublesome due to the changing seasonal offers, the necessity to correlate campaigns with bookings, occupancy or advertisement forms proper for the purchasing cycle of the hotel, i.e. the Customer Journey. Yet, having real-time data, we can provide our customers with proactive consulting, flexible cooperation and effective AdWords campaigns. Marketing is no magic. It’s strategy, analysis and constant optimization of actions taken on. Profitroom – as an authorized Premier Google Partner – raises to the occasion and fulfils the highest standards thanks to the access to advanced data as well as permanent trainings run by the best specialist of Google.

To be true, we do take pride in the fact that we’ve been appreciated by Google so much. However, what calls the shots for us more than anything else is the success of our partner hotels. Hopefully, this special award will show the tourism industry worldwide that the hotels we work with are in fact trendsetters for the branch, achieving great results and heading for a very promising future.

Karolina Antonowicz, Customer Success Director at Profitroom