Multiple properties covered by a single booking engine? Now it’s possible!

Multiple properties covered by a single booking engine? Now it’s possible!

09 July 2019Olga Gajewska

We are introducing another functionality to the Profitroom Booking Engine. This time it will interest those who would like to display several locations of their apartments on one booking engine. Find out how simple you can let your guests choose from several of your facilities.

Location choice

You have two options to use the tool depending on the locations of your facilities. If you have several apartments located at a short distance, use the screen with the location choice. When a guest chooses one of your facilities, the system will display a view where the guest can choose dates, number of people, and then the room and offer.

Profitroom Booking Engine Multiproperty


Offer list grouped by facilities

The second option helps to encourage the guest to book one of your apartments when they are located nearly each other. In this configuration, the guest first chooses the date and number of people, and then the system will present him with a view consisting of multiple rooms and offers grouped by location.

In case of a multi-room booking, after selecting the first room from one facility, the sections with the remaining locations will be hidden so that the guest cannot create a multiroom reservation for many apartments.

How to turn Multiproperty on

Remember that this feature applies only to hotel chains, or apartment networks. If you have one object, you don’t need multiproperty option.

However, when multiproperty is the right solution for you, all you have to do is send a request to the Support department (, and they will choose the right configuration for you and implement it.

In the near future, we will make it even easier for your guests to choose the location and facility they want to book. We’ll give you more details soon.