How these 3 anti-corona measures help hoteliers protect their direct channel bookings

How these 3 anti-corona measures help hoteliers protect their direct channel bookings

04 November 2020Damian Józefowicz

With the prospect of a pending lockdown, the tourism industry is facing a particularly challenging winter. Hoteliers now more than ever have accelerate their battle for direct bookings, which are now largely dependent on business travel.

At Profitroom we monitor and analyze market changes and data of our customers on a daily basis in order to be able to share valuable insights and suggest strategic approaches. The following functionalities of our solutions support you in continuing to generate direct channel bookings:

  • Flexible cancellation policies
  • Converting cancellations into vouchers
  • Maintenance of guest databases

These 3 anti-corona measures are crucial in face of the current situation in order to remain competitive and to encourage potential guests to book directly.

1. NEW feature: activate flexible cancellations

Convince potential guests to book a stay at your property for a later date, despite current restrictions, and inform them as to why booking directly on your hotel website is risk-free. Providing information about special cancellation conditions for your offers will help encourage potential guests to book in spite of uncertainty.

Example of free cancellation policy

If you hover the mouse cursor over “COVID – free cancellation policy”, the following information appears:

“Book without any risk! You will receive a refund in form of money back or a voucher if you cancel your booking due to legal prohibitions related to COVID-19 (closure of the hotel; individual or general travel restrictions. We reserve the right to request relevant documents). “

Most online third-party providers (such as, Travelist, Airbnb) already offer flexible cancellation conditions. By activating this option, you ensure your direct channel being at least as competitive.

This measure helps you:

  • keep your competitiveness against OTAs
  • convert some cancellations into vouchers, ensuring part of your income comes from prepayments
  • maintain your brand image: you react responsibly to industry changes and allow risk-free booking

To activate this functionality, please contact our support department at

2. Convert refunds into vouchers

Do you already use the functionality of converting cancellations into vouchers? This measure allows you to offer a voucher, which can be redeemed by your guest for a future stay in your hotel and, thus, avoid cancellation.

To make use of this functionality, it suffices to activate the option allowing guests to convert their cancellation into a voucher themselves.

This functionality can also be accessed by your reception staff in case of a cancellation by phone or email via the following path: Profitroom Suite → Rates & Availability → Vouchers → Voucher instead of a refund.


3. Maintain your guest database

Hotels that maintained their guest database with marketing permissions, were most likely to register bookings again after the first wave. Collect valuable guest data using Profitroom Booking Engine (e.g. discount for registering to receive emails / newsletters), Profitroom CRM or Profitroom Websites.

If you are already using the Profitroom CRM, you can use the Booking Engine to obtain marketing consent even after a final cancellation! Offer a discount in exchange for an e-mail address that can be used for the next visit, when reaching out to the guest.

Moreover, such database can be used for mailing campaigns and is accessible through Profitroom Suite via the following path: Profitroom Suite → Marketing → Communication → Automated messages.


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