Hotel Website is not mobile friendly? Check what will happen to your site after 21st of April.

Hotel Website is not mobile friendly? Check what will happen to your site after 21st of April.

19 March 2015PROFITROOM SA

Google announced the date of a very important change that will significantly affect the search results around the world. The 21st of April will be introduced a new algorithm that will evaluate the compliance of websites with portable devices. What does it mean for hoteliers? Websites that are not correctly displayed on smartphones and tablets will disappear from the top positions in search results.

Further expansion of mobile devices in 2015 is becoming a reality. The biggest Worldwide Search Engine has announced a revolution that will accelerate this trend and force hotel brands to more dynamic actions.

As experts from Google predict, the new algorithm will show to ‘mobile users’ firstly the pages that are responsive (RWD) and special mobile versions – this will result in an overall increase in the quality of search content. The change is a big surprise for professional in the area – Google for the first time in history informed about the planned changes in the algorithm in much advance, giving ample time to adjust, following the guidelines.

Those improvements from Google will most likely affect only mobile search results, although it is discussed whether the “mobile friendliness” factor will be treated as one of the ranking signal also in the desktop version of the search engine.

How to check if the website of the hotel is designed for mobile devices?

Google provided us with a special tool in which we can easily verify if the site meets all requirements and passes the compatibility test  with mobile devices. To check it, simply click HERE and enter the URL of the web page. When you click “ANALYZE”  you will get a report if the page has a mobile- and smartphone-friendly design.

My website has successfully passed the test – do I have nothing to be worried about?

Yes, generally, you have nothing to fear. It is worth to check not only the home page, but also sub-sites and analyze the messages that appear in the report.

You should also optimize the mobile site of your property to assure the top positions in search results on mobile devices. Unfortunately, a successfully passed test doesn’t mean you will be listed first in Google Search. At this stage, it is really worth to consult a specialist and discuss the optimization options of the site in terms of SEO. Thanks to that after April 21 you won’t be worry about the lower number of bookings from mobile.

My site is not appropriate – what should I expect?

If your site does not pass the compatibility test, it is very likely that after 21st of April the visibility  of your website will fall significantly. It is worth to dedicate the remaining time to adapt to the upcoming changes.

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Does the upcoming change affect the profit of the hotel?

According to PROFITROOM’s statistics, more than 12% of the bookings in 2014 came from the mobile channel. This volume has increased almost by 100% compared to the previous year. It is worth to invest time and money in the mobile site that is compatible with Google guidelines. You won’t lose the potential of mobile devices and quickly obtain a satisfactory return on investment.

Solution from PROFITROOM – mobile site 3.0

To meet the expectations of hoteliers, PROFITROOM prepared a solution in full compliance with the guidelines of Google, providing good positioning in search results on mobile devices after the introduction of the new algorithm. The Mobile Site 3.0 will allow your hotel:

Keep good visibility in Google organic results.

Be very well presented on mobile devices and get a user-friendly solution, which will increase the amount of bookings.

If you think that we can take care of a good presence of your hotel on mobile devices and prepare for the upcoming changes, here is our offer:


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