Enhanced expertise: Experienced revenue manager joins Profitroom team

Enhanced expertise: Experienced revenue manager joins Profitroom team

26 February 2021PROFITROOM SA

At Profitroom, we’re always looking to the future as we seek to offer pioneering, industry leading products and capabilities that provide genuine benefit to our clients.

Delivering cutting edge services though requires a cutting edge team, and as part of that we’re dedicated to bringing in top talent to enhance our offering.

It’s with this attitude in mind then that we’ve expanded our UK team through the appointment of Rachel Parker; a highly experienced revenue manager, who has a wealth of understanding of the sector, having forged a career path that’s taken in the highest of high-end hotels, including Lucknam Park, the Bath Priory and the Abbey Hotel in Bath.

Lucknam Park Hotel

All of these hotels deliver an outstanding guest experience, and it’s this commitment to quality that Rachel brings with her as she joins Profitroom, where she’ll be tasked with both bringing in new clients and developing existing client relationships, working with them to refine and expand on the services we offer.

Rachel is a real hospitality expert, having first joined the industry in her role at Lucknam Park, a magnificent manor house hotel and one of the most well-respected and renowned in the country thanks to its high-quality offering. Here Rachel was fully immersed in the inner workings of a truly luxury hospitality venue, and it’s this experience that sparked her love for properties of this calibre.

From here, Rachel’s career progression saw her move into Bath itself, joining the five-star Bath Priory at the heart of the city – something that served to add another dimension to her CV as she became familiar with city-centre hospitality. Working as reservations manager, Rachel’s experience of managing bookings and the guest booking process greatly enhanced her understanding and appreciation of hotel revenues.

Building on this experience, Rachel then moved to another Bath-based property, the Abbey Hotel, where she joined as revenue and reservations manager, taking on dual responsibilities for two and a half years in a role that further developed her skill with numbers.

And it was here that Rachel first encountered Profitroom, as the Abbey Hotel was a client of ours, utilising our services to drive direct bookings and improve margins. Working closely with the Profitroom team gave her a unique insight into how we address our clients’ requirements, taking a bespoke approach and tailoring our services to deliver booking solutions to fit specific needs.

It was Rachel’s appreciation for our client philosophy that led her to join Profitroom, taking on a role where she can call upon her in-depth knowledge of the hotel trade (and especially revenue management) to deliver a fantastic service for our clients in a way that really matters to them.

When asked for her initial thoughts since joining Profitroom, Rachel said: “I’m really looking forward to the future of hotel marketing and tech, and being part of the re-emergence of the hospitality industry post-COVID. This is important for me on a personal level, as last year, there was a lot of uncertainty around the industry as a whole – so I’m delighted to be able to make a difference and help support hotels in their recovery process. I’m excited and interested to see how it plays out as we progress.” 

Rachel added: “The clients that we already have, especially in the UK and South West, have been doing so well (surprisingly well over the past 12 months or so), and I’m just looking forward to taking that success to new properties; building partnerships and relationships that serve to benefit the whole industry.”

One element at Profitroom that has already impressed Rachel is the opportunity to influence new features and product development. Being part of those conversations allows Rachel to impart her expertise in a meaningful way. This is very much part of the workplace culture at Profitroom, and we’ve recently implemented a new platform that encourages staff from all areas of the business to input ideas as to how we can improve our services, in a bid to foster a more collaborative approach.

When asked to provide three words to describe her view of Profitroom, Rachel said: “Authentic, progressive and empowering” – descriptive words we’re delighted to hear, and words we’ll endeavour to live up to. We look forward to seeing what Rachel brings in the coming months.

If you’d like to contact Rachel, she can be reached at: rachel.parker@profitroom.com