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Content Reviews are King

11 January 2016Karolina Antonowicz

According to statistics from TripAdvisor, 80% of users read approximately 6-12 opinions before booking a hotel room and 51% of guests post reviews and share comments about the stay. Profitroom’s data, on the other hand, shows that 10% of guests post their opinions in response to a message sent to them several days after departure. All they have to do is click the link in the message and they may share their impressions. Forecasts expect this number to grow.

Metasearch engines have restricted the information on the property to the name, picture, information on the number of reviews and the average rating and the guests’ opinions. The OTA is also changing – after the selected hotel is clicked, the user first sees the pictures, the ranking and opinions, and only then the description of the property. Therefore, opinions today are becoming key content and a powerful marketing tool available to hotel guests. The greatest number of posted opinions may be found at Booking.com – 213 opinions per facility on average which gives 3.22 opinion per room. Statistics for TripAdvisor in this respect are lower by more than half.

According to statistics from TripAdvisor, hotels that are involved in obtaining the guests’ opinions register by 40% more views a month on average, record 32% growth in the number of clicks from CPC campaigns monthly, as well as 25% more visits to the hotel’s website. To be brief, the impact of opinions on sales has never been so clear. 2016 will probably provide answers to questions related to the direct link between RevPAR and opinions