Boost your hotel’s visibility with Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links

Boost your hotel’s visibility with Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links

29 March 2021Marika Kachelska

Are you using Profitroom’s Booking Engine? Do you want to boost your direct bookings? Make use of this new Marketing opportunity and let us help set up Google Free Hotel Booking Links for your property.

You now have the chance to appear in Google’s free hotel search results, e.g. Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links. This feature enables your property’s offer to be displayed among the third party OTA offers in Google tools, which means you have a greater chance of obtaining more direct bookings. 

This post covers:

  • How this new functionality works,
  • What the benefits are and,
  • How you can activate the service.

Google Hotel Ads – Paid Results

Hotels from all over the world have been successfully using paid Google Hotel Ads campaigns for years, which allows them to offer direct prices to users directly from the Google listing and Google Maps.

This type of campaign aims to shorten the user’s path to booking – the user can choose a date of stay from the Hotel business card or maps and will be taken directly to the hotel’s Booking Engine:

Google Hotel Ads – showing paid results in the Google listing

Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links – new functionality

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Google has introduced the new feature Google Free Hotel Booking Links. This allows hoteliers to display their offers and prices at for free and provides potential guests with more choice when planning their stay.

Google’s Free Hotel Booking Link results appear when clicking “Show More Prices” in the Google listing and in the “All Results” section of

Paid Google Hotel Ads campaigns will continue to appear as the first results in your Google listing and maps. So if you want your hotel to enjoy the highest visibility possible and to catch the eye of potential guests, it is important to continue investing advertising budget in paid Google Hotel Ads campaigns.

What does this mean for hoteliers?

First of all, Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links enable you additional promotional space to present your property and offers, directing web visitors to book directly via your hotel’s website.

Google Free Hotel Booking Links is automatically available for those properties that make already use of paid Google Hotel Ads campaigns.

If the visitor clicks “Show More Prices”, they will see the paid campaign in the featured results and the “All Results” list below displays the hotel’s direct price repeated as the Free Links result:

Google Hotel Ads (top) and Google Hotel Free Links results (below)

If  you do not currently use paid Google Hotel Ads yet, Free Links results will only appear after expanding the price list in the “All results” section. As shown below;

Google Free Links results

If you use Profitroom’s Booking Engine, we can help you boost visibility and set up your hotel offers and prices in Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links results.

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