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Wilderness Hotels: How a multi-property online customer experience increases booking value and package sales


Wilderness Hotels is a family-owned company with five exquisite resorts in Northern Lapland. Their hotels are in nature´s most beautiful places: by lakes and rivers, away from light pollution and busy city life. 

Whilst their target market is couples and families, offering a large variety of special offers, packages and activities, Wilderness Hotels have the sort of hotel offering that can inspire couples to adventure seekers and everything in between. 

Having signed on with Profitroom in May 2021, Wilderness currently utilise our Booking Engine 360, Channel Manager and Superior Website.

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The Challenge

Ensuring their guests make the most of the wilderness around them and partake in the numerous exciting activities and offerings available to them is key for Wilderness Hotels.

They needed to be able to highlight all of their available packages and unique selling points in a clear and enticing way and ensure the integration between their website and booking engine was seamless. 

Their guests needed to be able to find, research, and book their accommodation and activities easily and for it to be done through a system that wasn’t time-consuming for their hotel teams to manage.

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The Solution

It was a recommendation by their sister group Northern Lights Village, that spurred them on to make the most of Profitroom’s technology. 

Working closely with Wilderness Hotels to create a superior website that met their requirements and provided a seamless integration into our Booking Engine 360 was crucial. 

“The fact our website won the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) Best in Class Award in the category Travel/Tourism" reassured us that the Profitroom was a good choice. The flexibility of how we can display our experience-led offers and packages is simply amazing. The unique graphic design emphasises the individual services of our properties. 
We were looking for a solution that will help us to manage the prices in an easy way. Thanks to the rate levels in the Profitroom Channel Manager and easy to use price calculations in Booking Engine 360 we can set the prices accordingly to our strategy.” Lotta Korkiala, Sales Manager, Wilderness Hotels.

Our Booking Engine 360 allows hotels, like Wilderness to promote their extra services and activities seamlessly. With the option to filter any extras, it is much easier for a guest to find the service or activity that they would like to book, making for a friendly and easy-to-navigate guest booking journey. 

Working with Profitroom, Wilderness Hotels can appreciate the work put into developing the functionalities and integrations which are dedicated purely to the Finnish market. We pride ourselves in the support we offer our hotel partners both through technology and through our teams supporting the individual hotels. Lotta adds,

“Efficient support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager are important part of this partnership. We are satisfied with Profitroom services and looking forward to growing our long-term partnership.”
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The Results

Since going live with the Profitroom tools the Wilderness Hotels online sales have improved with an increase of 20% in direct sales compared to previous years. 

46% of the online revenue across the group was generated via the Profitroom Booking Engine in the last year, thanks to a variety of special offers and a list of activities available in the system. 

Increased the average booking value by 38% and per room night by 10%. 

Overall package sales increased significantly and now account for 83% of sales.

The booking engine booking value is 4 x higher than other reservation portals. 

The difference between booking value from BE vs reservation portals is also notable as BE average booking value is 4 times higher compared to the reservation portals.

Increased sales over the low period thanks to the promo code functionality in Booking Engine 360. 

Guests are now able to book services and activities direct from the Wilderness website with just one click. Promising a smoother customer journey. 

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