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How to turn clicks into coins: The power of modern websites in hospitality

How to turn clicks into coins

Over the past few years, technology has rapidly evolved, resulting in significant changes to websites and their impact on consumer behaviour. For a long time, websites have been the bread and butter for hotels around the world. Before, guests are stunned by the amenities, design and hospitality at a property, they need to first be “wooed” by some digital decolletage.

Websites play a crucial role in every guest journey, from design, functionality, mobile responsiveness, to personability.

Samantha Williams, Profitroom’s Chief Customer Officer says, “In the 21st century, you are going to struggle to have a successful hotel if you don’t have a beautiful, easy to use website. They are not just there to look good, they’re important repositories of information, service and insight.”

A great website can help in the following ways:

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Increased online bookings:

Many travellers nowadays use the internet to research, find and book their accommodation. Having a well- designed website with a user-friendly booking engine can increase direct bookings and reduce third party commission payments.

Moreover, it can lead to a better guest experience and higher guest satisfaction. Since the website is often the first point of contact for travellers when planning their trip, it helps them also make informed decisions about the hotel.

Yulia Baystrukova, General Manager at Zanzi Resort says, “Since launching the website, we have seen an increase in direct bookings. Additionally, guests now have fewer inquiries because the website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. We also send them links to our gallery and different types of accommodations to help persuade them to book directly. My favourite feature is the clear indication of the benefits of direct booking on the landing page, which definitely attracts more clients.”

Efficient customer service:

A great website not only provides you with the necessary data, but also includes Marketing Automation Tools  to help you collect and utilise the captured data effectively.

Williams says, “The hospitality industry is undergoing a revolution with the integration of cloud-based systems, AI and automation on hotels. That is going to lead to some fundamental changes in how we make websites more powerful and create better guest experiences.”

Seeing is Believing

Since partnering with Profitroom, an award-winning technology platform whose services include revamping hotel websites, the Zanzi Resort has seen:

  • Increase in number of visitors  -  Profile interactions +0,6%

  • Visits on desktop vs. mobile: Mobile 89% (google search 63%, google maps 26%) and Desktop 11% (google maps 5%, google search 6%)

  • Increase in direct bookings of 41%

  • Increase in the value of direct bookings of 84%

  •  An uptick of 29% in the number of room nights booked directly

  • Direction requests made from our Business Profile: +12,5%

  • Calls made from our Business Profile: + 18,5% vs 2023

  • Clicks on our resort free booking link: +10,8% vs 2023

This transformation has allowed the Zanzi Resort to manage reservations, guest profiles, and operations seamlessly, enhancing flexibility, scalability, and data security while reducing costs.

A key lesson the Zanzi Resort case teaches us is that leveraging modern technology in website design is not just about aesthetics; it can enhance guest experience, increase direct bookings, and streamline business operations.

As the industry continues to evolve, having a powerful, future optimised website, has become a vital business tool and is sure to give you the edge in a hyper competitive market.

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