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Best Hotel And Lodging Website Award for HotelBukovina.com!

Two years ago our creation, namely the website HotelBukovina.com, has been awarded a recognition prize and set a high target for our future projects. Yet, the fortress has just been stormed – the new version of this website has just won the 1st prize in the IAC competition! So, what’s the story behind it?

The IAC competition is organized by the best world specialists

The IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) is a competition aiming to choose the most creative implementations in the Internet marketing, organized by the Web Marketing Association, gathering the best experts in the scope of the world e-marketing.

The competition jury are representatives of such companies as Google, IBM Interactive, EuroRSCG, McCann Worldgroup or Ogilvy Interactive. They assess the competition works according to such criteria as creativity, innovation, design, copyrighting, media usage or memorability.

Brand new image of HotelBukovina.com– luxury, health, balance and wellness

The new version of HotelBukovina.pl entered the Net two years ago. Revamping the page was an essential step, for the previous version has already ceased to answer the needs of the already renewed brand communication. Now the Bukovina Hotel reaches far beyond the “luxury at an attitude of 1000 m above sea level” – it’s health, it’s balance it is a renaissance of wellness.

We included here a new brand communication, a refreshed visual identification, lots of tech staff and years of experience in the scope of the former site optimization.

What we wanted to achieve through this new image was a glimpse inside the Hotel, an insight of your future stay there, emotions vivid and strong. People remember through their eyes, so this website is rather watched than read. For this reason, the HotelBukovina.com offers you a myriad of full size videos and photo galleries.



HotelBukovina.pl shows what we understand under the name of the design – pleasing the eye, but first and foremost very functional, simple and easy to use on the everyday basis.

Furthermore, the selling issues played a vital role, too. Which of the two guests is more likely to finalize the booking? The one who has been scrolling down the hotel auto promotion for 15 minutes now, or the one who has already begun to configure their stay, checking the rates, dates, rooms and attractions? The former must be quite discouraged already, whereas the the latter one is immersed in the world of their imagination, thinking about the holidays to come.

So, we wanted to make the booking system on HotelBukovina.com always within reach, drawing the potential guests inside the hotel both in the initial phase of the travel planning and during the last doubts before making the decision.

The website works fluently despite the large amount of multimedia placed there, which is, after all, confirmed with the almost maximal result of the Google Page Speed. No matter if it’s a wide computer screen, FULL HD TV or a small mobile phone, the website shall quickly adjust to the window size. And thanks to the brand new CSS effects, introduced to the browsers just yet, you can be absolutely sure the page will truly stand out from. the competition.

See the website of the Bukovina Hotel Full list of the IAC prize winners: http://www.iacaward.org/iac/winners.asp 

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