Streamlining Hotel Activity Bookings: Profitroom and Fareharbor Integration Partnership

Fareharbour LI v2

The recent integration partnership between Profitroom and Fareharbor brings a seamless solution for hotels to sell activities alongside their online hotel bookings. By eliminating manual work for hoteliers and providing a unified booking experience for guests, this integration enhances efficiency and guest satisfaction.

A Simplified Booking Process.
With Profitroom's Booking Engine 360 reading availability in Fareharbor, hotels can offer activities directly during the hotel booking process. Guests can conveniently select and reserve activities alongside their hotel reservations, streamlining the entire booking experience.

Reduced Manual Workload
Hoteliers no longer need to manually add activity bookings to Fareharbor after receiving hotel reservations. The integration automatically synchronises activity bookings, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Activity Management on Fareharbor Platform
Hotels have the option to manage their activity bookings directly on the Fareharbor platform. This centralised approach allows hoteliers to efficiently handle availability updates, pricing changes, and other activity-related tasks, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for guests.

Automated 'No Availability' Notifications
Hoteliers can set up automated notifications to inform guests when an activity is unavailable for their desired dates or times. This proactive approach reduces the chances of cart abandonment and allows hoteliers to provide alternative availability options promptly.

Flexibility to React and Adjust
In case of additional availability or changes in offerings, hoteliers can easily react by providing guests with updated options. This flexibility enables hotels to cater to guest preferences, reduce potential cart abandonment, and maximise revenue opportunities.

Enhanced Guest Experience
By integrating activity bookings seamlessly within the hotel reservation process, guests benefit from a unified and convenient booking experience. They can easily plan their entire stay, including activities, without the need for separate bookings or additional steps.

The integration partnership between Profitroom and Fareharbor revolutionises the way hotels sell activities alongside their online bookings. By reducing manual work for hoteliers, offering automated notifications, and providing a seamless booking experience for guests, this integration improves efficiency, maximises revenue opportunities, and enhances guest satisfaction.



Marlena Platkowska - Senior Marketing Executive