Increase your revenue by 10% with our abandonment cart tool


Are you aware of how much revenue currently is slipping through your fingers due to the cart abandonment rate that your hotel is currently facing? The cart abandonment rate indicates how many potential guests start the booking process on your hotel website but don’t follow through. 

Industry research reveals that shopping cart abandonment is around 70% for most businesses selling online, and it’s even higher on mobile devices.

Looking at the data from our hotel partners, about 12% of website visitors proceed to the booking process and you only have as little as 10 seconds to catch their curiosity with appealing content.

Abandoned cart recovery

Abandoned cart recovery is a sales acquisition strategy which allows you to convert those abandoned carts into hotel bookings. You can do this with the help of Marketing Automation and improved user experience across your website. 

The aim is to reduce cart abandonment in the first instance by improving areas of friction in the shopping experience and follow up with almost-converted customers to encourage them to finalise their booking.

Win back those indecisive customers 

Profitroom hotel partners generated 10% from all monthly bookings thanks to abandoned cart recovery. Let’s take a closer look at how Profitroom can help you do the same.

Catch abandoned bookings via pop-ups on your website

64% of our hotel partner’s guests abandon their booking after adding it to their cart via the hotel’s website. Convert these lookers into bookers by throwing in an attractive discount or catch them with a nice extra added during their stay.

Catch abandoned bookings via email reminders 

Profitroom Marketing Automation will help you with automated yet personalised newsletters to your subscribed guests with an average open rate of over 50%, out of which 12% converting to a stay reservation.

Want to learn more about how to win back those indecisive customers? Simply get in touch with our team.