Profitroom Suite’s re-designed booking panel

Profitroom Suite’s re-designed booking panel

20 April 2020Filip Warguła

We’re happy to share yet another product enhancement that will improve and accelerate your daily work with Profitroom Suite. This time we’ve improved the navigation menu and reservations list. Find out more about the benefits of these improvements.

Until now, the “Reservations” category was accessible through Profitroom Suite’s navigation menu. After accessing it, you could see the list of reservations and vouchers created. It contained a lot of data, not always relevant when looking for specific reservations. Perhaps you had difficulty seeing multi-room reservations and were looking for detailed information.

Thanks to the modifications, you can soon enjoy an enhanced experience navigating Profitroom Suite.

New navigation menu

From April 20th, 2020, we will gradually make changes to the navigation menu. Within the “Reservations” category you will find the tab “Reception”, which will be divided into two subcategories: “Reservations” and “Vouchers”.

Benefit: Clear data distribution, enabling better and faster access to relevant information.


New list of reservations

In the ‘Reservations’ subcategory itself, there will be several upgrades:

  • the list will show the most important booking data,
  • rooms in multiroom reservations will be displayed in separate lines,
  • reservations can be sorted by date of booking and length of stay.

Benefits: easily accessible data and time saving thanks to the sorting option.


New booking details

More useful information will be shown in the booking details.

  • Rooms within a multiroom booking have separate tabs – by switching between them you can view detailed information about each of them:
  • The booking history presents a list of all changes that have taken place in relation to the booking:
  • Information for each stay – dates, room type, number of guests, offer, extras and price – can be directly edited in the booking:
  • If a guest leaves invoicing data, you will quickly be notified of the matter:

We hope that you experience the positive effects to your daily work instantly and will update you on more product enhancements soon!