PPC + SEO = Simply more bookings

PPC + SEO = Simply more bookings

29 August 2017Justyna Zakrzewska

Are you running a hotel and wonder how to reach your potential guest? You’ve certainly heard of the SEO and PPC. Which of the methods should you pick to promote your business in the search results, though? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What is hidden under the acronyms of SEO and PPC? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

The key to success is having a well optimized internet page. Both SEO and PPC have become popular and common promotion sources for web pages. It’s worth noting, that 93% of the current internet traffic is generated by search results, and 75% of the users will not scroll to the second page of their search engine.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization), often called positioning, as well as the PPC (Pay Per Click), meaning paid sponsored links (AdWords), contribute to increasing our website’s visibility in the search engine. The SEO and PPC activities lead to SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which stands for the entirety of the promotional activities online.


The following graphs are examples of the distribution of traffic on hotel services websites, with division to channels used to generate it. The most efficient strategy is diversifying the channels, which minimises the risk of unexpected traffic decline on the website. Most of the traffic is usually generated by organic search results or paid search and display adverts.

Connecting AdWords with organic search positioning increases the efficiency of both, due to two key factors:

  1. We all make purchases more eagerly if we’re already familiar with the product or the brand. When the search engine displays a direct link to a web page (organic search result and the AdWords advertisement) we’re more inclined towards choosing one of these links, than a mediator’s site. Having good content in addition, guarantees success. 
  2. As we all know, the number of search results on the first page is limited. If we choose to combine AdWords and SEO positioning simultaneously – our competition is pushed back to the second page and we can fight for as high a position as possible. 

To sum up, we will get the best results if we combine SEO and PPC actions. A complex approach in this area is the best solution. The results above are an irrefutable argument, supporting the claim that AdWords and positioning combined can direct the traffic directly to our website.

In order to make your mark online, SEM actions are a necessity. A website by itself, no matter how great, won’t accomplish anything without appropriate advertising. The synergy of actions such as SEO and sponsored links will lead to finalising the purchasing process. 

PPC and SEO campaigns are worth combining

The method we choose depends on the goal we set for ourselves, but more importantly on our budget. Of course, the best solution recommended by all marketing experts is combining the organic search positioning with AdWords campaigns. Such exposition will result in building a brand for the hotel or will strengthen the brand if it already is well known. In this era of fierce competition, such results are crucial. Second of all, browser marketing provides a simple way for the guests to find the offers they are looking for. Consequently, the buyer saves time not having to flip through more browser pages and the seller increases the profit. All that boils down to our motto, Simply More Bookings.

Justyna Zakrzewska, Marketing Specialist