Google’s new feature: local search filters

Google’s new feature: local search filters

11 October 2018Agata Blachowska

Google introduced a new feature in the local search results for hotels. Previously, special icons helped to inform potential guests on the facilities of a selected hotel in a graphical way by displaying special icons. Now, the icons have become the search filters. View details and consult our expert!

Users have gained new ways of ranking search results – they can rank hotels according to the number of stars, prices or Google ratings.

What does this mean for hoteliers? What can we do to make the users of this tool choose our hotel? We asked these questions to Marika Kachelska, Marketing Specialist at Profitroom.


What should hoteliers remember as regards this new Google feature?

It is worth updating your Google business page, and take care of increasing the number of reviews on Google. Potential guests using the search engine can now click the “Recommended by guests” icon, and view hotels with a rating higher than four.

How can we get the reviews?

For example, you can ask guests on their opinions about their stay at the hotel while they are checking out, and encourage them to post their reviews on-line, or even show that they can do this via Google.

Find out why your guests’ reviews have never been more important than today!

An what is your advice on Google listing? You’ve mentioned that is also vital.

It is important to provide as much information on the facility as possible, including the name, correct and full address, and telephone number. It is worth using additional options provided by Google, like for example adding attributes or details of the facility, such as an accessible car park or amenities for persons with disabilities. You should also add as many photos of the interior, the exterior, the restaurant, etc. as possible.

Google listing is literally a business card of your hotel, so it should be the best possible representation of information on the facility. It should provide the widest possible range of information on the facility to the guests.

What is more, thanks to Google Hotel Ads users can be directed straight to the booking engine, so it is worth taking the opportunity. A well prepared Google listing is an additional support in promoting your hotel.

There is one more important thing. The visibility of a website of a given facility in local search has influence on the listing's visibility in Google Maps. The better the position of the website in local search, the better the position of your listing in Google Maps rating.

Thank you for your valuable tips!