Google Analytics – 2 brand new facilities for those interested in analytics

Google Analytics – 2 brand new facilities for those interested in analytics

04 October 2016Anna Kril

Google has just launched two brand new facilities which are beyond all doubt a must-have for all of the Internet analysts.

Let’s start with the demo account at Google Analytics. Google has just shared a configured Analytics account of the Google Merchandise Store. Everyone who has an account at Google can get access to this one as well. Find out more here:

What does the account mean actually? Well, first and foremost real data which we can work on. This is information on the website users, source of the movement acquired and behaviour of the people visiting the page, etc. The testing account at Google has been joint with the AdWords and Search Console – which allows for getting complete information as to the position our website has on the Net. Additionally, when configuring the account – goal setting, a module of an improved e-commerce and unstandardized dimensions have been used. Furthermore, segments for analysis have been defined. We can also set our own segments, if we prefer. 

Should you be starting your adventure with the Internet analysis, it’s a perfect way for you to get to know the interface of Google Analyics better, check the account configuration and use its functionality to the most. What is more, you can also work on the data analysis and create unstandardized reports with extra dimensions, filters or even prepare your own attribution models. The demo account gives you the opportunity to test such functions as annotations or unstandardized alerts.  

Picture 1

Picture 2

Example of a nonstandard report – user type and source / medium:

The second new option is dedicated to those responsible for the Internet analytics. The Mobile Assistant of Google Analytics helps analyse and manage your website. At present, it is available only in English. After launching the programme, it shows cards which include information about any discovered anomalies, or gives you short reports.

The inferred card display can – and even should be – adapted to the needs of the currently run analysis with a special drawing pin. Such cards show then on our dashboard. You can personalise them through proper records chosen.

With the mobile assistant you can now easily and very effectively reach the essential data of your website. The control over the movements noticed on the page becomes less complicated, indeed, and should any changes be necessary, introducing them takes no time at all.