How to entice guests through sustainability? 40% of travellers look for sustainable hotels. Find out how you can stand out.

Have you ever thought about how much waste your hotel produces daily? How many plastic bottles are thrown away? How much water is consumed in your daily operations? There can be a lot you don’t even realise you’re wasting. Some of your potential guests do. In fact, about 40% of them. Protecting our environment does matter to them - does it to you?

We’ve gathered some of the most environmentally-aware hoteliers from around the world to share their best practices with you. And as you will learn, the change usually starts with the small steps. Because small changes make the biggest difference. #ShareHospitality

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In this webinar you will learn:

Benefits of sustainable tourism for hoteliers

Three pillars of sustainable tourism

Tourism's impact on the environment

Examples of current trends in sustainable hospitality

Meet our speakers

Dawid Gałat

Dawid Gałat


As the CSR lead Dawid is responsible for introducing sustainable policies to the organization. He also fosters internal awareness and develops comprehensive action plans for the Profitroom’s CSR initiatives and projects.

Kristýna Indrová

Kristýna Indrová

Customer Success Manager

Works at Profitroom as Customer Success Manager dedicated to primarily Czech & Slovak market. She believes that responsible hospitality is a crucial topic and can help both the environment and the business itself. Happy to take part in the Profitroom Share Hospitality initiative.

Kamila Knap

Kamila Knap

OnEarth Board Member

Environmental educator, activist, founder of the onEarth Foundation and food startupper. She co-founded and managed Smogathon, international project aiming at combating air pollution with technology and science. Works primarily in the field of environmental awareness, air pollution and food chains.