Staycation, Staycation, Staycation: The Rise of Post-Pandemic UK Staycation Breaks

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The rise of the post-pandemic UK Staycation breaks

In the wake of the UK’s lockdowns and restrictions easing, the holiday market has changed drastically- as has consumer demand. 

As the UK navigates its way back to a degree of normality, we explore the staycation trend; is it here to stay? The term staycation has experienced over 500% growth post lockdown 2020, reflecting the change in consumer behaviour.

So, we’re looking at the statistics, as UK staycation breaks boom:

The Staycation Trend

Now is the time to fully capitalise on the staycation trend; the market is stronger than it’s ever been. The locals are staying put and external tourism is low. So, the target audience has shifted and hoteliers now need to attract the locals rather than the holidaymakers. 

The Profitroom Booking Engine is a useful tool in pulling together an attractive deal for staycationers, who’re using search terms such as ‘UK holidays’ and ‘weekend breaks UK’ instead of searching for holidays abroad. These search terms now fall into the top 10 category of most-searched-for items. In fact, every term in the top 10 that experienced growth was related to the UK in some way.

Despite lockdowns and restrictions easing, travel abroad is still uncertain for many, with the need for vaccinations and countries operating on a traffic light system. The Profitroom booking engine can help you to pull together UK staycation breaks and packages to entice those who’re staying put in the UK.

Location-Specific Package Deals

As many key destinations are now hitting the hot spot on the search list, geographical keywords can help to promote location-specific package deals. 

Hoteliers can partner with local businesses and attractions to create a bespoke package deal for the stampede of staycationers storming the UK tourist hot spots. 

By offering a package deal, hoteliers are offering an experience-led break rather than just somewhere to stay. When the holiday-makers are missing boarding flights, this can help ease the pain and create an exciting holiday package - and may convert them to be regular staycationers even when the world returns to a state of normality. 

Hoteliers can look to partner with local castles, gardens, adventure companies or even day spas. This can then be refined to package deals for friends, couples, and families, offering something for everyone. 

They could even just be offered a discount when booking their package - the idea of being able to book everything in one palace for a discounted price will appeal more than having to source information, costs and bookings themselves.

The Future of UK Staycation Breaks

People have been locked down and restricted for so long, and are now unable to return entirely to normal, so are looking for something to fill the void; a trend that has become glaringly obvious with the statistics on what they’re searching for. Our Profitroom data suggests that packages have jumped from a 23% share of bookings pre-pandemic, to a 32% share post-pandemic, so the market for experience-led stays is strong. 

UK staycation breaks may be on the rise now, but even beyond the wake of the pandemic, it’s likely that people will have a taste for the UK culture they’ve often overlooked and the trend will continue to grow.

 Particularly with global warming being highlighted drastically in recent months, many people are looking to change their behaviours and reduce their carbon footprint, and so UK staycation breaks will be a viable option for those wanting to limit their travel. This can be an excellent opportunity for hoteliers to further promote their locality and encourage a consumer shift.

The Profitroom Booking Engine

The Profitroom Booking Engine excels at promoting package deals and retains the same offers, promotions and prices across all the booking platforms; this will reduce the chance of overbookings or the consumer finding cheaper options elsewhere. 

This can help to facilitate a foolproof and simple booking process for consumers who are new to the UK market and looking for UK staycation breaks to satisfy their appetite for an incredible holiday experience.

For more information about how our Booking Engine can help you boost your bookings for UK staycation breaks, please contact a member of our team.

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