Starting a career in Business Development: Welcoming Tom and Natalie to the Team

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This week, we’re welcoming experienced industry experts, Tom and Natalie, to our team as they both begin their Profitroom career in business development with us.

Here at Profitroom, our aim is to offer pioneering, industry-leading products and capabilities that genuinely benefit our clients.

We’ve put together a team of experienced, forward-thinking individuals to deliver top-of-the-range, client-centred services - and joining that team are our two new business development managers, Tom Gorman and Natalie Murison. Between them, they bring a wealth of expertise and experience to our company, and we’re excited for them both to start their career in business development with us.


Working in the Travel Industry

A travel industry expert, Tom has been in the business for nearly 20 years. His roles have included working on the commercial, sales, and marketing side for hotels, being a tour operator, and working for online travel agencies.

Natalie joined the travel industry at the young age of 15, again working in various sales and account management roles within business travel and the hotel sector. She is passionate about sales and building relationships with customers - and is a self-confessed lover of the hospitality industry!


Starting a Career in Business Development

At Profitroom, as we proceed to grow and develop, we constantly look at how things will change over the coming months, in-line with our plans. 

Tom told us: “I’m currently training for my career in business development, and as a team, we’re working on defining our strategy. We’re researching new systems, our clients, and the competition to help lead us here at Profitroom onto bigger and better things. I’m looking forward to the challenge of growing the UK market; putting Profitroom in front of people who have never heard of the company and getting them excited about our growth.” 

Natalie said of a typical day here at Profitroom: “We spend time communicating with the UK and international team, listening to updates about the software we sell, and speaking to our lovely clients.”

 It’s important to us that our staff are kept consistently up-to-date with the latest ideas and executions of them, so they can go forward in their role as informed as possible. Their positive attitude and excitement help to generate a strong work ethic that continues to build our business, and colleagues like Tom and Natalie are the backbone of the company; as long as they’re excited, our clients will be too.

Natalie said: “I like how we have a family feel within the business. Profitroom is very transparent about developments within the company and our 2-10 year plans. My manager helps us as individuals to achieve our personal goals and supports us with any challenges we may face.

Going forward, I’m very much looking forward to offering a solution to the industry I know and love, whilst embarking on a new adventure into software sales. It’s incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to get started!”

As a company, we think of ourselves as being unique. We offer so much more than other competitors on the market, and our forward-thinking strategies help us lead in the market.


How is Profitroom Different?

When asked about how Profitroom differentiates from competitors, Tom said: “Already in my first few weeks, I’ve noticed that Profitroom works more as a consultant than other 3rd parties I've seen in the past. This cements our clients’ high level of trust.

I also like that Profitroom has a start-up mentality and that there seems to be lots going on; but, at the same time, it is an established business. The people on my team are extremely knowledgeable and have lots of experience, which gives me plenty of confidence. They’re also great fun!”

Natalie added: “Profitroom have really thought about what a hotel wants and needs for its business; building a strong relationship with their guests and offering a 5* booking experience. In three words, I would describe Profitroom as energetic, first-class, and supportive.”

“I would choose innovative, vibrant, and knowledgeable,” Tom said. 

Those six words perfectly describe what we aim to be here at Profitroom, and we’re proud that it rings true among our esteemed team. We look forward to Natalie and Tom fully immersing themselves in their career in business development, and helping us on our journey in an ever-changing industry.

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