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Keen to discover the key elements to include in your website design and development?

This week, we’re sharing a brief summary of our whitepaper, ‘From Lookers to Bookers,’ focusing on building an awesome website:

Website Design and Development: Securing Direct Bookings

The advantages of direct bookings are multitudinous; from not having to pay commission to third parties, to helping you maintain direct relationships with your customers.

Our online booking engine integrates into your website, enabling reservations and processing payments. It also allows you to upsell to your guests before their arrival. 

The booking process is a journey - from first entering the website to checking out - so it’s important to not just focus on drawing them in, but also accompanying them through each stage.

Many potential guests abandon their bookings, even up to the final stage in the process. An awesome website can entice your customers, keep them engaged throughout, and encourage them to follow through with their bookings.

Website Design and Development: Build a User-Friendly Website

As your website will often form a first impression, it needs to be professional, easy to use, and memorable. 

So, what key factors do you need to include in your website design and development to help make it user-friendly?

Your website needs to offer potential guests a modern, seamless experience that will encourage them to follow through with their booking. It needs to include strong calls to action, such as ‘book now’ buttons strategically placed throughout.

Your website needs to be user-friendly and in keeping with the latest trends. By 2024, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 bookings will come from a mobile, so pages need to be responsive to a phone design - and ideally available in other languages.

Website Design and Development: Keep Your Content Fresh

You need to keep your website content fresh and finished to a high standard. Relevant, quality images, fast download speeds, and concise copy are all essential for your website.

It needs to be adaptable in order to drive high conversions and boost SEO, and have a user-friendly CMS (content management system). 

Finally, your website needs to have the capacity to cater for specific business modules, such as spas, conferences and events.

If you’d like to know more about website design and development, you can read our ‘From Lookers to Bookers’ whitepaper.

Alternatively, please contact us if you have any questions about our technology solutions, or if you’d like a demo.

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