Our Top Tips for Increasing Valentine’s Day Gift Voucher Sales

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Love really is in the air this time of year, especially for hoteliers who are looking to boost their Gift Voucher sales. The most up-to-date consumer buying trends suggest there has been a growing increase in buying online year on year. Thus creating the perfect conditions to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd during the month of love.

February 14th has always been an important date in the hotel marketing calendar, and as our statistics show it is also the first peak gift voucher selling day of 2023. It’s important to be fully prepared to maximise the uplift in Gift Voucher revenue.

Here are our top tips to help you sell more through your gift voucher platform this Valentine's Day. 


Using a segmented list can enable you to generate personalised email campaigns to increase your revenue. A CRM with powerful marketing automation, allows you to not only engage your customers by segmenting, you can also retarget, track, analyse that data to fully optimise your email marketing communications.

Email Marketing

It goes without saying, the earlier you start promoting your Gift Vouchers, the more visibility and sales opportunities you’ll have. An email campaign dedicated to all those last-minute buyers is easy to run and the messaging and call to action can make the most of those same day e-voucher delivery options.

The Gift User Experience

You can choose to highlight the main vouchers you wish to present to your audience by using the filter tag to display your filter feature offers and experiences. Think about the wording and who you wish the gift vouchers to appeal too. Choose a striking hero image to sell the voucher. This will provide a much more engaging and more effective shopping experience and will increase conversions.

Mobile-First Voucher Platform

Make sure your voucher platform is fully optimised. On Valentine’s Day half of all purchases are made on mobile devices, and, in the days leading up to the event, conversion rates can increase by a staggering 187%.

Finn Lough Vouchers

Sample voucher landing page - Finn Lough

Valentine’s Campaign 

You might wish to invest in a Valentine’s Day themed marketing campaign. Think about using uniqueness and exclusivity to help sell your vouchers. Offering a once in a lifetime experience that you cannot purchase anywhere else.

UNIQUE PACKAGES and Experiences

You can save time by re-purposing the vouchers that you already have in the systems such as Champagne Afternoon Tea and tailor them for Valentine’s Day with some extra romantic touches. Valentine’s Day is also a day when you can look to launch and promote a special signature package or experience. For example; An exclusive Valentine’s romantic stay or proposal package. 


Packages at Finn Lough

FLEXIBILITY & Voucher Validity

The Gift Vouchers enable you to market for gifts to be given on Valentine’s Day, but they will not be used on the day due to the current pandemic. If you are able too, we recommend considering extending the validity of your Gift vouchers from 12 months to 18 months. Giving your guests more time to enjoy their experience in the future.

The perfect Match

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