The Language Key to Success: Why AI Translation Attracts International Guests?

AI Translator LI en

Today's hotel industry faces many challenges, especially in the context of global travel. As the world becomes more interconnected, the number of foreign guests seeking unforgettable travel experiences is rapidly increasing. 

Have you ever wondered how many potential guests abandon the reservation process when a hotel's offer is not available in their native language?  

For hoteliers who aim to attract international guests, this issue becomes a significant barrier to generating revenue.

Good news is: technology is advancing - and we have great news for you!  

To meet these challenges and seize opportunities, we present a new feature: AI Translator for hotel offers, which has just been implemented on the Suite platform. With this solution, we can offer instant translations, eliminating the long wait for a translator to provide the text.

Imagine that potential guests can now effortlessly browse through the offer, read about amenities, booking conditions, and other important information in their own language.

Here are the benefits you can gain from the AI Translator feature: 

  1. Instant Translations - hotel offers can be translated into various languages instantly, making your offer available in multiple languages and ready to attract guests from around the world.

  2. Time Savings - automating the translation process saves valuable time. Instead of spending hours on translations and content adaptation, your staff can focus on other key tasks contributing to the hotel's development.

  3. Offer Accessibility - improved communication and promotion of the offer among foreign guests translate to increased sales. This expands your reach and enhances the chance of reaching a broader audience of potential customers.

  4. Streamlined Booking Process - presenting the offer in different languages significantly facilitates potential guests in browsing and making reservations, eliminating the language barrier, which can be frustrating for customers and may result in lost sales opportunities.

  5. Convenience and Trust - with access to the offer in their native language, guests fully understand reservation information, payment policies, or cancellations. This leads to greater trust in the brand and an increase in the number of reservations made.

  6. Cost Reduction - using external translation services incurs additional costs. Now, AI Translation provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Following travel trends, we not only make guests' lives easier but also open up new business perspectives. We are confident that the AI Translator feature marks another milestone in the development of every hotel. Through this innovation we can further engage international guests, increase sales, and provide exceptional experiences to travelers.

Get ready for an exciting journey into the future, where the language barrier is definitively broken, and the hotel's offer becomes even more attractive to guests from around the world.



Magdalena Fałdyna - Junior Product Manager