Save time by automating your personalised offers


Technology is ever changing. Fast pace advancements have made it possible for hotel guests to book rooms online, add extras, pick and choose what they want to do and when -  customising their stay from the comfort of home. Although, despite these digital options, a significant number of travellers still prefer to have direct contact with the hotel before making their final decision.

We may jump to stereotypes, but this preference is not limited to a specific age group, but more related to the demands and complexity of their accommodation needs . In particular, guests who are visiting places where they seek authentic experiences and a wide range of additional attractions will ultimately expect a more personalised service and additional reassurance ahead of booking.

We see so many hotel partners thrive on this type of interaction as it enables them to cater to individual needs, provide the best offer and to understand their guests. However, this can be challenging during peak seasons, and with the added uncertainty of staff shortages and cost-cutting it can be a worrying time for many. 

This is where Profitroom can help. We can balance automated service without losing the importance of personal contact and still provide a customised experience for your guests.

At Profitroom, our Personalised Offers Module has the following features and benefits:


  • Create visually appealing and customer friendly offers in a quick and easy manner
  • Offer alternative solutions in one offer to promote additional sales, such as upgraded rooms, extended stays, and extra services
  • Automatic redirection to the hotel’s booking engine and automatic reminders
  • Visibility of all sent offers and tracking statuses, 
  • Ability to organise incentive programs for employees based on sales volume.


  • Allows hoteliers and employees to save time and keep record of all enquiries, in one place
  • Offers guest a personalised experience in a quick and easy way, allowing for smooth experience from start to finish
  • Increase reservation conversion via automated process

Personalised Offers Module has very quickly become popular among Profitroom partners, as it allows hotels and their employees save time, yet still focus on what matters most to them - taking care of their guests. 

To find out more contact us today, our team of specialists can help you make the most of our solutions and automate your personalised offers.   


Weronika Mothes - Business Development Representative