Optimise your offering ahead of International Dog Day

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How hotels can future-proof and adapt to the newest travellers needs

With International Dogs Day just round the corner and a pandemic pet boom under our belt, the growing demand for guests to bring their pampered pooches on their travels has intensified at a rapid pace – and presents a real opportunity for hotels around the globe.

With recent stats showing that nearly half of Brits (44%) got themselves a new pet during lockdown one in five American households adopting a pet in the pandemic, and every second household owning a pet in Poland, increasing numbers of hotels are tapping into this growing sector. By offering stays that cater for canine chums both locally and abroad, properties can broaden their customer base and cover their costs with extra fees (that owners are happy to pay) whilst doing so.

In removing the need to pay for expensive kennels and dog-sitting services that can add up to hundreds and even thousands per trip, hotels offering rooms that accommodate pets is a trend that shows no signs of abating, and owners are happy to pay (often significantly) more to do so. Examples of amenities for VIP (Very Important Paws) stays can be as simple as including a water bowl in pet-friendly rooms and including dog beds and pet-designated towels, whilst more extravagant pet offerings can include dog-specific food menus, as well as walking and dog-sitting services – all of which are add-on amenities. Smart hoteliers could even include branded bandanas, leashes or take-home treats which act as great brand recognition exercises and helps prompt word-of-mouth recommendations, too.

In light of research showing that pet-friendly holiday searches are up by 80%, Profitroom has a range of tools available for showcasing pet-friendly properties, including a simple filter when searching, as well as offering hotels newsletters to target those interested in paw-some stays with their furry friends, tools our clients such as Swan at Southwold and Sv. Kateřina have used successfully to promote their offerings.

Why not check out offerings from some of our other partners too, including Belmonte Hotel Krynica-Zdrój, Hotel Senator and Vislow Resort – and even Apukka Resort which, although not offering dog stays, does offer dog-loving travelers the chance to get up close and personal with its 100 local huskies!

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Jane Young, Marketing Manager - UK & ROW