NEW! Manage co-worker accounts in Profitroom Suite


Profitroom Suite platform has gained a new feature which allows you to keep full control over users with access to the system and run the registry of users according to GDPR requirements. The new functionality is addressed to all high-level administrative users who control individuals in their use of solutions provided by Profitroom. The main benefit of the new feature is the insight to the current list of users with a detailed, up-to-date status. If necessary, the administrator may limit users access to specific features available on the platform, edit their personal data, temporarily suspend access, for instance, for the holiday period, or completely delete the access.

Grant access to your coworkers

The further functionality of the tool is creation of co-workers accounts. We begin the process by filling a short form which includes:

  • Name and Surname
  • Department
  • Individual email address to log in to the system
  • Access level

We can choose between three variants of user access:

  • reception access comprising basic actions in the system such as editing availability, viewing prices and restrictions
  • custom access for wide range of actions but restricted exclusively from certain system functionalities, i.e. website management
  • administrative access granting full access and permission to manage other users

Next, automated email is sent to the indicated address, which allows the invited user to confirm the correctness of the data, set up confidential password and activate the account for further individual use. Each access account created in such a way meets all the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and guarantees enhanced security and a record of users activity. We strongly encourage you to create your own access list today! Should you have any questions please contact us at or call +48 61 840 23 80.