INTRODUCING: AI Copywriter - Writers-block. Is it a thing of the past?

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As the hospitality industry continues to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of technology, hotels must find new and innovative ways to engage with their customers, but crafting engaging messages can be time-consuming and challenging.

Enter AI-copywriting. 

A topic of conversation which took the world over at the moment, marketing teams are jumping to utilise this technology to help prepare engaging consumer content, and save them time. 


Here at Profitroom, we want to make things easier for our hotel partners, that's why we are pleased to introduce our new AI-based automatic copywriter, which simplifies the process of creating compelling email campaigns.

With just a few clicks, the AI copywriter can create unique and captivating messages that showcase the most relevant features of your hotel's stay offers. This technology generates messaging that is tailored to your guests' interests, from luxurious amenities to breathtaking views and delicious cuisine.

Have all the control, without the hassle.

One of the key advantages of this feature is that it enables hoteliers to customise the messaging to align with their brand and tone of voice. With the ability to send commands to the AI chat, hotels can adjust the message's length, add more emojis, or include specific details about activities such as bike tours or other amenities. This allows hotels to create truly personalised and engaging messages that resonate with their guests.

Streamline to save time and resource.

Using Profitroom's new email campaign AI copywriter streamlines the process of creating an effective marketing campaign. The simplified user flow makes it easy to integrate this feature into your existing marketing strategy, and the intuitive chat interface ensures that hotels can make quick modifications to the generated text.

How it works in the Profitroom Suite:

  • Simply drag the AI copywriter component onto the template
  • Select offers which you wish to promote in the desired email campaign 
  • Allow AI to generate the message 
  • Modify any text or ask AI for changes such as “make shorter version”
  • Once you’re happy, simply add to the marketing campaign template with just one click. 
  • DONE.
english AI

Made in minutes.

In today's competitive hospitality landscape, it is critical for hotels to leverage innovative technology to reach new audiences and increase bookings. Profitroom's AI-based automatic copywriter is a game-changer that enables hotels to create personalised and effective email campaigns in minutes. 

Book a demo with the Profitroom team today to see how this feature can help take your hotel's email campaigns to the next level.



Marlena Platkowska - Senior Marketing Executive