Leading Providers in Hotel Marketing Technology: Hotel Tech Awards 2022

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Here at Profitroom, we’re celebrating our recognition for our world-class services at this year’s Hotel Tech Awards 2022.

The quality of our products - such as for hotel marketing and direct bookings - helped us to secure a place as a finalist in two categories at the coveted awards. 

Here, we’re sharing the details of our exciting achievements:

The Hotel Tech Awards 2022

As a leading provider of hotel marketing technology and online sales, we’re delighted to have been recognised for our contributions to the hospitality industry. 

In the Hotel CRM and Email Marketing category, we were proud to secure 2nd place. We then came third for our website design. Our other solutions, including our Booking Engine 360, channel manager and digital marketing services, were also listed in the top 5 of their categories. 

Digitalising Hotel Marketing and Other Systems: Leading Providers in Our Industry

We deliver our services to thousands of hotels around the world, and so it was an honour to be praised for our professional delivery of high-quality tech solutions in the most competitive Hotel Tech Awards in history.

In September last year, we were awarded Hotel Tech Report’s level III Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) for our investments into processes, strategies and tools to ensure the ongoing success of our customers. These latest award results will help demonstrate that we not only deliver on customer service but also on our products.

About the Hotel Tech Awards 2022

The Hotel Tech Awards 2022 are an international set of awards that seek to recognise those businesses that deliver outstanding industry tech software. Covering a range of industry tech needs, the awards assess more than 10,000 verified product reviews to determine which brands are rated most highly by those who use them.

Often referred to as "the Grammys of Hotel Tech", finalists are selected from more than 1,000 of the top technology products from across the globe. 

Andrius Remeikis, our Senior Business Development Manager here at Profitroom, said:

This is a fantastic achievement for Profitroom. The Hotel Tech Awards are right up there as one of the most sought-after accolades in hotel tech, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be recognised in so many categories. The fact that it’s determined via verifiable reviews makes it all the sweeter. There’s no greater credit than being praised by those who actually use our products. These results will further motivate us to develop our solutions and to drive more direct bookings for hoteliers.

Digital Hotel Marketing and Technology Solutions: Deciding Category Winners

The Hotel Tech Awards 2022 are the hospitality industry's only data-driven awards platform. The winners are determined by a global community that comprises thousands of verified hotel technology users across more than 120 countries.

Companies are ranked on pre-defined objective data variables, avoiding human biases when determining the winners. Our achievement in the Hotel Tech Awards 2022 for our contributions to the hospitality industry (through the likes of our digital hotel marketing and technology solutions) was thereby determined solely through statistical analysis.

If you’d like more information about our hotel marketing and technology solutions, please contact a member of our team.

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