Direct boo(KING)

Management , Marketing

The current situation of the industry and prospects for the coming years force us to look for solutions that will allow more and more demanding guests to get what they are looking for and the hotelier will be more confident in his future. Direct booking is no longer hard to reach. It becomes a strategy from which it is increasingly difficult to escape.

You probably remember the post about 10 proven ways to use direct booking. The possibility of quick booking on the hotel website, informing guests about the benefits of direct booking (and organizing them first), communication with the guest also after his departure … A lot of actions need to be taken to ensure that the percentage of direct bookings at the facility increases significantly.

Where direct reigns…

Commitment and patience these are the basic features that should characterize a hotel team that wants to become independent of intermediaries. The increase in direct bookings is influenced by both the receptionist and the head of the marketing or sales department. Everyone must aim to achieve the same goal - know how valuable their role is and what direct booking involves (for the hotel and for them) in order to achieve success.

Sounds like a fairy tale?

You could not be more wrong. Not only do such teams exist, but we managed to look at one such team with the camera and ask them about the details. You have the unique opportunity to see and listen to a team full of energy, for which 10 ways to use direct booking is everyday life that offers a lot of satisfaction !

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