Introducing Profitroom Booking Engine: The Ultimate Solution for Hotel Groups and Reservation Offices

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Are you tired of the tedious process of manually entering reservations into your Property Management System (PMS)? Do you want to increase your hotel's online visibility and drive more bookings to your website? Look no further than Profitroom Booking Engine!

Our state-of-the-art booking engine offers a range of benefits for hotel reservation offices, including quick wins for reservations, instant bookings, and PCI compliance to prevent chargebacks. Our easy-to-use system also captures valuable guest data to help you drive loyalty to your brand and increase conversions.

But that's not all – we will help you to reduce your teams’ workload by automating booking modifications and eliminating human errors. You can easily target your team on extra upsells and monitor their activity to drive KPIs. Plus, our system offers comprehensive reporting features to measure your team's effectiveness and reservations by arrival/departure, reducing your workload even further.

With Profitroom Booking Engine, you can take advantage of Stay Opportunities to upsell higher room categories, drive ancillary revenue, and capture extras and add-ons. Our automated messaging system reduces the number of ad-hoc emails by scheduling communication with your guests to inform them of any in-house events, closures, and other hidden promotions.

Take advantage of the opportunity to turn lookers into bookers and contact us today to learn more about how Profitroom Booking Engine can transform your hotel reservation office and boost your bottom line!

Stay Offers - personalized offers allow you to send an email proposal to a potential guest with an individually prepared stay proposal. Increase your revenue and reduce the burden on your team with personalized offers for potential guests. These offers are sent by email and include individually prepared stay offers.

  • Send stay offers to multiple properties at once. With a "Master" account, you can offer several properties in one email proposal.
  • Save time with the "Confirm Reservation" feature and optimize the booking process so that the reservation team has more time to provide the best service to your guests.
  • Ensure payment security for your guests and prevent chargebacks by using this fully PCI-compliant module.
  • Increase your direct sales by collecting valuable guest data and building brand loyalty while increasing traffic to your website.
  • Use up-selling techniques to increase sales of higher category rooms and additional services, increasing the value of each reservation.
  • Promote add-ons and extras so guests can personalize their stay and increase the total value of their reservation.
  • Post-offer process automation - the system automatically contacts the guest on behalf of the call centre employee and reminds them of the offer sent. The goal of the reminders is to encourage the guest to make a purchasing decision as quickly as possible and confirm the reservation. The system operates intelligently based on prices and availability and can send an updated message to the guest in case one of the offered room types is sold out, or the price of the offer changes.
  • The system offers additional functionality allowing your reservations team to offer discounts and reduced rates to help with the conversion. 
  • It is possible to create a special pool of special offers, available only to the call centre, which allows, among other things, to compete with OTA channels on price.
  • The system allows messages to be sent based on pre-prepared and translated message templates in any language. The hotel can create dozens of ready-made templates, significantly speeding up call centre response time.

In the first quarter of 2023, our hotels have generated 29 000 reservations with a value of over 21mln Euros via stay opportunities. 

One of our UK-based group clients has generated 795k Euros in revenue through this functionality, by converting over 54% of sent offers into actual bookings.

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Booking modifications - by enabling booking modifications, you can provide a more convenient experience for your guests while reducing your team's workload. 

  • Guests can easily modify their own bookings, saving time and effort for both the guest and your team. 
  • Additionally, this functionality helps eliminate human errors that can occur during manual modifications, leading to a smoother booking process overall.
  • Furthermore, providing the ability for guests to modify their bookings themselves can lead to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Reporting - with the booking engine reporting feature designed for central reservations offices, you can effectively measure the performance of your team. 

  • This tool enables you to track the success of upselling initiatives and helps you target areas where your team can improve. 
  • By monitoring your team's activity, you can drive key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve efficiency. 
  • The feature also allows you to organize reservations by arrival and departure dates, giving you a comprehensive view of your bookings. 
  • Overall, this reporting feature provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and optimise your team's performance.

Automated Messages - hotel email automated messages refer to pre-written messages that are automatically sent to guests at specific times prior to the arrival or post-stay.

  • The use of automated email messages can significantly reduce the number of ad-hoc emails sent to guests.
  • By scheduling communication in advance, you can ensure that guests receive timely and relevant information about in-house events, closures, and other important updates. 
  • This not only streamlines communication but also reduces the workload of your team by eliminating the need for ad-hoc messages. 
  • With automated messages, you can ensure that your guests receive the right content at the right time, improving the guest experience and minimizing the risk of miscommunication.
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The various functionalities such as personalized offers, instant booking, booking modifications, and booking engine reporting all contribute to reducing the workload of reservations teams. Personalized offers streamline the proposal process, while instant booking and booking modifications save time on manual entries and errors. The booking engine reporting feature provides insights to help target upselling efforts and monitor team performance, improving efficiency. Overall, these functionalities help optimize team performance and reduce the amount of manual work required by reservations teams.

Edyta Walczak


Edyta Walczak, Chief Customer Success Officer