An outstanding booking platform for outstanding hotels - introducing Profitroom Booking Engine 360

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We are fully committed to excellence in both our products and customer service, with the goal of increasing direct bookings for hoteliers and the online booking experience of their guests. This is why from now on, all our existing hotel partners benefit from a free update to the advanced booking platform.

Deliver an unrivalled guest-centric experience and boost your profitability

With the latest functionalities that we implemented within our booking platform, you can increase the total direct booking value across all the digital touchpoints of your guests considerably.

It maximises the potential of upselling personalised offers, enabling you to achieve the greatest increase in total sales per room (TREVPAR).

Delight your guests with a seamless online booking experience and truly personalised stay offers 

We upgraded our booking platform with a lot of additional, highly converting product features. Here are the top 3:

  1. Personalised stay offers
  2. Extras 
  3. Packages 

Now let’s take a closer look at how these can help you boost your direct bookings:

Tailor truly unique stay offers to your guests ✨

Personalised stay offers allow you to send a message to a potential guest along with an individually prepared offer including: dates of stay, room category and number of people, including children, for whom it is planned. 

Additionally, you can include extras or attractive discounts to incentivise your guests to book directly via your hotel website. 

Our Marketing Automation also enables hotel groups to send a bespoke stay offer for different properties.

Sell beyond beds and maximise your revenue with extras 🥂

With the advanced Profitroom Booking Engine 360, your guests can now easily build their bespoke stay online and you can enjoy an additional source of revenue!

Selling beyond beds is a key competitive advantage against OTAs. Guests are looking for unique experiences - whether you package your rooms with spa or dining options, get creative, give your guests a choice and maximise the impact of selling extras.

Offering additional customisable add-ons can present a real revenue opportunity. Set up different add-ons to different room categories, for example Champagne for the suite bookers and Prosecco for the standard rooms. 

Turn lookers into bookers with attractive hotel package offers 👀

One of the big advantages of the Profitroom Booking Engine 360 is how easily 

you can create specific package offers. Use this valuable functionality to set up offers and generate more bookings from a targeted audience of potential guests.

Tailor your offers to potential guests with content they are really interested in. Offering attractive and personalised package offers will help you promote the palette of products and services in your hotel or resort more effectively.

What do you need to do in order to benefit from these advanced product features? 

Nothing - if you already belong to our wonderful network of hotel partners who up until now used the Profitroom Booking Engine, we have already upgraded you to instantly make use of the advanced product features of the Booking Engine 360. If you would like to learn more about how to maximise your profitability while improving guest retention and loyalty too, please get in touch with our Customers Success team.

If you are not a customer yet and you are interested in learning more about how the Booking Engine 360 can elevate both your direct booking business and your guests experience, just fill out this form and our team will arrange for a free consultancy.

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Julia Kolberg, Product Marketing Manager