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Schloss Hotel - historic hotel with unique atmosphere

Schloss Hotel Dresden - Pillnitz is a place with a very rich history. In the 18th century it was the summer residence of King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony. The building, surrounded by a picturesque garden, is a particularly interesting piece of architecture and a historical monument. Therefore one of the challenges facing us when designing a new website for the hotel was capturing its unique atmosphere.

Stylish design

The website contains unique photos, animations and video footage of the hotel, which contribute to the stylish design of the site brought to perfection thanks to careful elaboration of the slightest details. The storytelling concept used on the home page attracts the users’ attention and encourages them to explore the subsequent bookmarks available on the site. Among them one can find not only the accommodation offer, but also numerous subpages informing the user about the history of the hotel and the attractions in its immediate surroundings.

Presentation of offers

When evaluating the Schloss Hotel website, attention should be paid to the very well-executed technical features of the site, including its full responsiveness. In addition, the site effectively performs its sales function - it has a booking panel that always follows the visitor, allowing him to make a reservation at any moment. An attractive presentation of special offers and rooms available encourages guests to visit the hotel. The site most certainly accurately reflects the history of this unique place as well as its surroundings.


When creating the website we made sure to stick to the highest standards using the RWD approach, HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, ES6 and AJAX. The result of both the technological and visual changes is an improvement of user experience and a significant reduction in the bounce rate. We are very proud of yet another extraordinary achievement accomplished by the Profitroom team. See for yourself how we create modern websites for hotels.
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