Yandex. Maps and Yandex business card - the most important information


Yandex is not only a search engine, its capabilities are much greater. It is called the "Russian Google" for a good reason. Find out which Yandex options can be used to build brand awareness on the Russian market, increase organic traffic on your hotel’s website and attract visitors.

from 2018 showed that more than 23 million Russian people travel
abroad every year. Half of them use the Yandex search engine to
search for hotels. Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring this
group of guests, it makes sense for you to familiarize yourself with
the possibilities of Yandex. Here
you can find some basic information.

business card

Yandex, just like in Google, you can create an online business card.
Yandex.Directory is a website where you enter the address and
telephone number of the facility and its website address, add photos
and choose your location to facilitate access by guests.

Your business goes to Yandex.Directory and the hotel's online business card appears when someone:

  • looks for accommodation using this tool,
  • looks for a hotel in a search engine,
  • browses maps on Yandex.

Yandex business card

Hotels that have business cards on Yandex can appear in the suggestions if the user does not know exactly which hotel they would like to stay in and enters general keywords (e.g. "hotels in Greater Poland").

If the hotel manages its business card well, using such opportunities as adding prices, and it collects positive feedback from guests, then the chances of increasing popularity and attracting new guests grow.


Users can also browse hotels directly in maps. Yandex offers a separate search category "hotels", which has additional filtering options (you can choose the date of stay, number of guests, hotels with a swimming pool, etc.).

Yandex and the objects shown in the maps

For which hoteliers does cooperating with Yandex pay off?

in Yandex.Directory

gives hotels a lot of advertising and positioning options. You can
divide advertising in Yandex into two categories.


It will make the hotel stand out from the rest by means of a green pin on Yandex maps and ensure a higher position in search results. Advertising hotels can also expand their business card with additional parameters – you can add your own logo, or an incentive button and detailed information about services.


Brand priority positioning

In this case, the hotel has even more options to highlight its uniqueness. Such advertising, in addition to the above option, also allows you to use your logo instead of a pin on the map.


According to Yandex statistics, 86% of users click
on hotels that are among the first 10 search results.

Yandex.Directory and Yandex.Maps are websites that are just beginning to be popular in European markets. This means there is a lot you can achieve as there are still a few well-managed facilities in this search engine.

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