Wernigerode hotels, castle and websites like in a fairytale - true story


Majestic and modern – can two such different qualities of Wernigerode hotels be reconciled and embraced on their websites? We have proven that it’s possible! And we’re so proud of those designs. See how a modern hotel website can look like to successfully support direct sales.

Schlosspalais, Erbprinzpalais and Suitenhaus Hotels are located in Wernigerode, a historic German town known for its wooden houses and, above all, its majestic castle with the same name. The castle was built in the 12th century, and in the 18th century it became the symbol of the local baroque.

The heroes of this success story are located in the central part of the town, opposite of what is commonly described by tourists as “a fairy-tale-like castle”, and in the immediate vicinity of the smallest building in town (which is only 2.95 by 4.20 m and at one time used to be home to as many as 11 people!). So, the location of each of those Wernigerode hotels is excellent.

Schlosspalais is a boutique hotel, while Erbprinzpalais and Suitenhaus are larger hotels situated in historic listed buildings. Our job was to create a shared landing page for all three hotels, and a separate website for each. We focused on addressing such questions as:

  • How to retain and emphasise the hotels’ historic character
  • How to make visitors interested in the hotels’ excellent cuisine
  • How to show the magnificent rooms designed on the basis of the sustainable development philosophy
  • How to seamlessly integrate additional services, such as wellness zones, into website design

Since a good website is crucial for success in direct sales, it was critical that the websites be user-friendly for guests to easily make their bookings on hotel websites, and for the hotel staff to efficiently and effortlessly manage them. What proved necessary, was the automation of room sales through Profitroom’s Booking Engine and Profitroom Channel Manager, our revenue management tool.

Hotels’ advantages:

  • Excellent location
  • Car parks for guests with charging stations for Tesla and other electric cars
  • Swimming pools, wellness areas, and wet and dry saunas

Major challenge for our Team:

  • To create three websites for three hotels so that each is unique but at the same time part of a shared vision.

Solutions used:

  • Homepages with colour themes and design similar to hotel interiors
  • Booking panels clearly visible on each web page
  • Eye-catching animation for the „Book Online” button
  • Customised room panel module
  • Interactive newsfeed

Technologies used:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Java Script,
  • Responsive Website Design (RWD) for automatic website adjustment to mobile device screens
  • Smooth scrolling

Key design characteristics:

  • Clear and user-friendly, despite the need for showcasing three hotels
  • Sales-oriented, especially because of the effortless booking capability

A testimonial from one of our Clients, a hotel owner:

“After a long search for a company that could prepare a new website for us, we finally found Profitroom. And we couldn’t be more happy with their services! Our expectations were fully met in the design they delivered. And with their creative approach and fast response to any questions we had, they provided us with very professional and visually attractive web pages. Looking forward to continuing our cooperation, we can definitely recommend Profitroom!”

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Author: Szymon Królikowski, Project Manager