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Boost Engagement with Automated Messages Containing Discount Codes for Newsletter Subscribers

Gaining customer loyalty and increasing the number of direct bookings are key challenges that stand in the way of hotels looking to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase their revenues.

To support hoteliers in obtaining reservations from guests subscribed to the newsletter, we have introduced new types of messages in the Automated Messages module in our Marketing Automation tool. Its goal is not only to keep in touch with potential guests, but also to effectively guide them through the sales funnel until they make a reservation.

Automated messages for newsletter subscribers 

The new messages aim to increase direct bookings by scheduling continuous communication with guests. Thanks to two new automated messages sent to visitors who subscribed to the newsletter but did not make a reservation, we want to effectively move potential customers down the sales funnel until they make a booking.

After subscribing to the newsletter on the hotel’s website, the visitor will receive two messages:

1. Thank you message (1 day after subscribing to the newsletter):

Sent 1 day after registration, only if the guest has not made a reservation since then.
> Contains a thank you for signing up and a description encouraging the potential guest to visit the hotel, along with information about attractions and amenities.

2. Message with a discount code (7 days after subscribing to the newsletter):

Sent 7 days after registration, only if the guest has not made a reservation since then.

> Contains shorter content with a discount code valid for 7 days.

Message with a discount code

Encourage guests to make a reservation by offering them a promotional code with a limited expiration date. You can set the code value and validity period in the message options. Here, you can also change the shipping time and conditions.

messages - settings (1)

The content of the message has already been added to present the recipient with the discount code. It also contains a button that, when clicked, will take the potential guest directly to the hotel's offers.

message before editing (1)

Of course, you can change the content and adapt it to your communication style, add photos or interesting offers. Just don't forget about the call to action button!

Edited message with discount 1 cropped

Current communication flow with guests abandoning the purchasing process:

1. The potential guest signs up for the newsletter and abandons the booking process.

2. An hour later, they receive an "Abandoned Cart" email with a link to the place              where they dropped off.

3. 1 day later, they receive an automated message thanking him for signing up, with        information about the hotel, amenities and attractions.

4. 7 days later they receive an automated message with a discount code.

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It is worth noting that messages are only sent when a guest did not make a reservation. The shipping time, discount value and applicable offers can be flexibly adjusted in the configuration panel of the new messages.

Studies have proven effectiveness

At Profitroom, during the process of implementing new functions, we test their effectiveness and optimise them on an ongoing basis.

In the case of the new automated messages, we conducted a study on 10 hotels. 

Results? 1,942 messages were sent, generating 23 reservations worth almost EUR 23 000. Most bookings came from the second message containing a discount code!

This proves the effectiveness of maintaining communication with the guest, especially if we can offer a discount they can use within a short period of time (creating a sense of urgency). Remember that a guest who has signed up for the newsletter is already interested in your offer. It doesn't take much to convert them to make a ‘purchase’.

Thanks to this innovative feature supporting lead nurturing, hoteliers can more effectively lead potential customers through the sales funnel, thereby increasing the number of direct bookings.

Although fully automated, our solution allows for flexible adaptation of communication to the needs of each hotel, opening new perspectives in acquiring loyal guests.

Turn on automated messages for newsletter subscribers today, set the discount amount and see how your loyal customers make reservations.