Profitroom partners with Reach For A Dream to help fulfil travel dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses

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Profitroom has partnered with Reach For A Dream to bring joy and hope to vulnerable children who are battling life-threatening diseases. Through this collaboration, Reach For A Dream will leverage Profitroom’s vast network of hoteliers and travel providers to fulfill the travel dreams of sick children and create magical experiences.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Reach For A Dream,” said Leigh Myles, Senior Business Development Manager at Profitroom. “Every child deserves the chance to dream big, and through this partnership, we are dedicated to turning those dreams into unforgettable memories. We recognise the power of travel in creating joy and hope, and we are committed to leveraging our resources to make a positive impact on the lives of these young heroes.”

A magical start

Dream Hotels and Resorts hosted a Hospitality Think Tank, which aimed to address the challenges presently confronting the hospitality sector. The event was followed by a gala dinner that raised an impressive R242,808.76, all of which was donated to Reach For A Dream through Dream Hotels and Resorts’ non-profit organisation, Touching Dreams. The event was sponsored by distinguished companies such as Wyndham Hotel Group, Sun International, Beekman Group, Dream Hotels and Resorts, Infrateq, HTI, Profitroom, and Heineken, making it a resounding success.

A tour across the country

Following the Hospitality Think Tank and Gala dinner in August, Reach For A Dream representatives joined the Profitroom On Tour team as they made their way cross country. While on tour, Reach For A Dream received unprecedented access to other Profitroom partners and Profitroom resources.

“When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, their world can becomes very small and bleak. At Reach For A Dream, we make dreams come true for these children, giving them the hope, strength, and courage that they need to fight their illnesses," says Reach For A Dream CEO, Julia Sotirianakos.

Sotirianakos adds, “Choosing the right partners is crucial in our line of work. Not every partnership is about charity - it's about shared vision. Profitroom has shown us that they're genuinely committed to our mission. Together, we can touch more lives and create impactful partnerships.”

Help make the impossible possible 

For Sotirianakos, when a child gives them a dream that someone thinks is impossible, Reach For A Dream takes it as a challenge. Over the past 35 years, there has not been one dream that they have not fulfilled. Some of the high-profile dreams include introducing children to Lewis Hamilton, Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran, Mo Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, and various South African presidents. With more children looking to travel, this partnership with Profitroom will help the organisation keep a winning record and more importantly, give brave children a renewed sense of hope.

If you would like to partner with Reach For A Dream, please email or

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