Profitroom brings your hotel brand to life in just 72 hours


Profitroom brings your hotel brand to life in just 72 hours: website designs that guarantee to turn lookers into bookers

Every guest is looking for a unique stay experience. Also, every guest brings different expectations and therewith all guest journeys are unique. How can you please all those guests even prior to their arrival at your hotel lobby? 

A hotel website is like a virtual hotel lobby, the go-to place where guests seek to find out more about your hotel brand and its service offering. As the information it presents is available at all times, it is particularly important that it is curated in an attractive way and managed appropriately. 

You want to communicate relevant and tailored content to different target groups, picking them up with offers that are unique and easily accessible for them.

Our conversion-led and easy-to-navigate website designs offer a simple yet enticing guest booking journey to really drive those direct bookings. We will get your new online hotel appearance set up in just 72 hours and you’ll take the reigns of enticing lookers with inspiring content to ultimately convert into precious direct bookers.

✨Here are the top favourite features of our hotel partners:

  • Seamless integration with Profitroom Booking Engine 360 enables the best-branded guest journey. Your guest can instantly book their bespoke stay experience with all necessary information in one space without being redirected to third-party websites.
  • Exclusive hospitality-focused modules cover any hotel business, from SPA to conferences to dining and events, vouchers, packages, and more. Deliver outstanding and unforgettable guest experiences with a beautiful presentation of carefully composed packages.
  • Conversion-led website designs with inspiring CTAs along each individual guest journey. Take your guests on an inspiring booking journey, before they continue their personalised and memorable experience at your hotel. Guide your guests through a well-balanced virtual landscape that captures the essence of your property.
Profitroom Websites Sun Hotel template 1080x1080
  • A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) allows you to update content at any time, no coding skills required. You can ensure your brand will be consistent throughout your Marketing efforts and that you’ll deliver a brand experience your guests will remember.
  • Our abandoned cart functionality encourages guests to complete an interrupted booking. After a guest abandons their booking, a pop-up is displayed on the website and Booking Engine, prompting them to finalise the booking. 
  • Enjoy continuous and free updates: we help you to maintain your website optimised and and always in compliance with current GDPR regulations. Based on regular research, we upgrade your website automatically to convert even more thanks to new components and widgets.
  • 🔥 NEW FUNCTIONALITY: the multi-user editor mode within the website editor is our latest product enhancement. Your team can save some precious time curating the content for your hotel’s website with several people editing the website at the same time.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure 🏆

Collecting data from your guests and their online journey is crucial for informed decision-making and determines the quality and success of your promotional offers and direct booking strategy. You will benefit significantly from the integration with Google Analytics to track where your visitors come from and what target groups you might want to target in the future. 

Interested to learn more? Our Customer Success team will be happy to consult you during a free website optimisation audit.