Plant trees with Profitroom and be part of our #ShareHospitality initiative.

Product updates

As a leading reservation technology provider for outstanding hotels, worldwide, we are committed to our clients, but also to the environment. It’s our responsibility to encourage our partners and team to focus on what we’re doing today, in order to set the right example for future generations. Today we are proud to invite you to join our #ShareHospitality initiative. Let’s do the right thing, together.

What’s it about?

Hospitality is in our DNA. That’s why our #ShareHospitality initiative focuses on how we can share kindness, resources and funds through various hospitality strategies. Involving our technology, our partners and guests but also by making an impact to protect our planet too.


Our #ShareHospitality initiative has been designed to drive change with our corporate social responsibilities and to make a real and positive impact on our environment. We all dream about a peaceful, safe and healthy place to live and relax and believe that with the engagement of our partners and Profitroom team, we will achieve these goals.


More direct bookings, clients and team members = more trees in the forest.

Our first strategy in the #ShareHospitality initiative is to give back to the environment. 

The number of trees we plant is directly connected to the number of direct bookings in our Booking Engine service. With each reservation our Profitroom forest grows!

Additionally, we will plant one tree for every new team member joining Profitroom. 

We’ve already started a small forest. 

We have 225 employees around the world, so we’ve already planted one tree for every employee. Come September, we hope to plant the trees from this #ShareHospitality initiative. Starting a small forest to launch such an impactful project!

Want to share our initiative?

If you would like to share in this initiative with us, please visit our website for more information. 

Keep an eye out.

Help us spread the positive #ShareHospitality vibes. We will be shouting about the initiative across our social media and for the launch will be promising to plant 1 tree for every single comment, like and share on those posts.