Profitroom Africa’s inaugural personalised stay offer competition: Winners announced


Profitroom Africa’s inaugural personalised stay offer competition: Winners announced

Profitroom, a leading innovator in the hospitality industry, is delighted to announce the winners of its inaugural Personalised Stay Offers Competition. The competition, which was open to all of their African hotel partners, aimed to showcase how their system and their partners` creativity and ingenuity can yield fantastic results in just a short amount of time.

The competition ran from 1 August - 31 October 2023 and required Profitroom Africa hotels to utilise the benefits of their Personalised Stay Offer module. 

Entrants were required to to send as many stay offers as possible in the given time period. A point was awarded for each stay offer sent and two points for each offer that converted into a confirmed reservation. 

During the duration of the competition, a whopping 3838 offers were sent generating in excess of ZAR5.8 million in direct booking revenue. 

Profitroom are proud to recognise the following hotel partners as the winners of the first Personalised Stay Offers Competition:

First Place: Olwethu Sikafungana | Gooderson Tropicana Hotel 

706 stay offers sent with an 8.3% conversion rate, generating R340 054 of direct booking revenue for Gooderson Tropicana Hotel. That is an incredible average of 11 offers per day!!

Runner Up: Ncedi Xaba | Gooderson Natal Spa 

188 stay offers sent with a 38% conversion rate, and generated R71 080 of direct booking revenue for Gooderson Natal Spa

Special Recognition Award Winner: MOST REVENUE GENERATED: Thaitum van Niekerk | Village n Life The Bay Hotel 

194 stay offers sent with an 11% conversion rate, generating  a whopping R815 622 of direct booking revenue for The Bay Hotel

Special Recognition Award Winner: HIGHEST CONVERSION RATE:
Mark Chowles | Ocean View House 

40% of his stay offers converted into confirmed reservations for Ocean View House adding R498 210 of direct booking revenue.  This is the highest conversion rate amongst all of the Profitroom Africa hotel partners during the competition period.

Commenting on the success of the competition, Laurence Wall, Director of International Customer Success praised “The results of our recent CRM competition in South Africa focusing on Profitroom's stay offers functionality, have been truly remarkable. We witnessed a significant leap in conversion rates for our hotel partners, with a notable impact on the reduction of call handling and dealing with lengthy email chains.

Automated follow-ups and the opportunity to introduce bookers who have more traditionally enquired by phone or email to the ease of the online booking journey has not only streamlined processes but has also translated into countless hours saved. “

He adds, “It's a testament to the power of innovation and the positive outcomes that emerge when Proftroom’s cutting-edge technology meets hospitality. The success achieved underscores our commitment to not only increasing direct booking share but also to have a positive impact on hotelier’s operations." 

Personalised Offers: How sending individually prepared proposals to potential guests can increase revenue and loyalty.

What are the benefits:

  • Ease of use - an automated proposal is easier to send than a standard email offer

  • Time - it saves time not only on sending the offer, but on manual booking entry as well

  • Brand image - the template looks more professional and appealing to the guest, than a standard email proposal

  • Follow up communication - hotels hardly ever follow up on offers sent via email/ phone quotes

  • Accuracy - the rate offered via a Personalised Stay offer is always correct, as the manual element is eliminated

  • PCI and data protection - guests’ date is processed by secure systems

  • Better guest relations and engagement

  • Guests are less likely to shop elsewhere, as they have an easy to confirm in their email

  • Opportunity to upsell higher room types, by adding them to the offer.


For more information on our Profitroom CRM capabilities and how you and your hotel can capitalise on the personalised offer opportunities click here. 

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