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Have you heard about our new partnership with HIT Scotland?

We’re all about supporting hospitality, and in Scotland we want to help equip the next generation of workers in the industry with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

Here’s how:

Hospitality in Scotland: What is HIT Scotland?

Hospitality and tourism is Scotland’s largest industry, employing more than 245,000 people and generating over £5.2 billion for the Scottish economy. 

So, here at Profitroom, we knew we had to team up with an organisation that really supports people working in the industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with HIT Scotland - a charity that pillars the industry by offering scholarships to thousands of people working and studying in hospitality.

The charity’s been running for over 27 years. It aims to broaden the skills of those in the industry and help them gain essential experience. HIT Scotland offers a scholarship programme where students and employees can take advantage of a tailored learning experience to help them succeed in hospitality.

Given the staffing shortages we're all facing in the wake of Brexit and COVID-19, this sponsorship scheme is more vital than ever.

Hospitality Staff

Hospitality in Scotland: The Charity’s Funding

The charity is funded by different sectors of the hospitality industry. The idea is that businesses invest in the charity, and reap the benefits from having qualified, experienced and knowledgeable workers under their employment.

Here at Profitroom, our sponsorship of such a significant charity programme is important given our position within the industry. As sponsors, we can connect with key industry and education decision-makers, and provide our clients with essential networking and commercial opportunities.

Our Partnership with HIT Scotland

Our aim is to make sure that hoteliers have innovative technology to streamline their services - but we also want to support them across their whole business.

We want our clients to thrive! Partnering with HIT Scotland will enable them to employ qualified and experienced staff, ensuring that they can run their business successfully - with our technology supporting them online.

Hospitality in Scotland: Meet Patryk

Fronting the partnership with HIT Scotland is our new business development manager, Patryk.

Patryk is of Polish descent, but was born in Greece and is living in Scotland; his wonderfully diverse background has proven valuable in his new role, as we have employees, partners and clients all over the globe.

Having studied International Hospitality & Tourism Management in Scotland, Patryk knows the importance of driving education and increasing the knowledge-base into the Scottish hospitality industry - which makes his enthusiasm for working with this charity all the more important. Given his affiliation with the country, Patryk was keen to get involved with HIT Scotland, so you'll likely see him at the charity events. Be sure to say hello! 

Patryk's aim is to help grow the industry and give young people in Scotland plenty of opportunities. He's also there to help ensure that hospitality in Scotland can thrive, by supporting the industry from both a staffing and technological perspective.

Hospitality in Scotland: Patryk

Patryk said, “I'm proud to be working alongside HIT Scotland. David Cochrane - along with his team and countless industry partners - has helped to strengthen the position of Scotland as a key tourist destination around the world. At Profitroom, we aim to support these continuous efforts; it's rewarding to see our partners thriving in these challenging market conditions.”

“We strive to work in partnership with our fellow hoteliers and support their business. As such, we could not think of a better strategic partnership than the one with HIT Scotland. It portrays our true aim of working with each of our industry partners.”

To discover more about hospitality in Scotland and how we’re supporting the charity, please get in touch.

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